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Hudson - B&P's and MC - I've done it and love it!

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Published: 20 years ago
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Hudson - B&P's and MC - I've done it and love it!

Hi there!

So I have to tell you that I did the Master-Cleanse with B&P's back in November 2002 and again in January 2004. (and I'm actually on Day2 of the same thing right now!)

I just SWEAR by this cleanse. The first time I added the parasite cleanse to it as well...and finished the whole thing off with my first Liver Flush (excellent!).

My first Master-Cleanse with B&P's lasted 9 days and my second only 6 days but those cleanses lasted me until about 2 months ago...meaning that I lost just the right amount of weight (my stomach flatted - after all those ROPES got outta there!) and my energy increased and felt pure and clean with all my synapses snappin' cleanly (that's how it felt!) - for about 10 months. It was about 2 months ago that my eyes began to feel tired again (in the afternoon for years my eyes would get tired - I thought it was just something I had to live with when I turned 30! dumb) But after my very first Master-Cleanse with B&P's my tired eyes syndrome totally vanished and I simply felt....HEALTHY! The cleanses have helped me in so many little (but BIG) ways. My periods are amazing now. I never get a headache the night before, I don't get ANY cramps or have that heavy/hot lower abdominal fact my period surprises me every time now - there are no weird symptoms or indications that it's coming.

What else? My skin on my face became smoother (I had started to collect small under-the-surface bumps on my temple/cheek area), my tummy FLATTER (woooohooo!)...and I had a great year spiritually as well. (it was a dream that I had in November that indicated to me that I should cleanse - my first time ever)

So...those ropes - some of them really are dark rubbery matter that you just know has been collecting in there (bloating your tummy) and other of it seems fresher but you know that the Bentonite is helping to suck the toxins out of you on a cellular level. What always boggled my mind was that on the MC I wasn't taking in anything DARK (only yellow/orange liquid and LOTS of Warm water - 2 litres a day on top of my 2 to 3 litres of lemonade) yet....out came these dark dark ropes daily! Woah. The ropes got smaller and smaller as time went on too. Because I continued to do the b&p's (on an empty stomach) while eating normally after the MC too. And if that's not proof that you're getting cleaned out I don't know what is! My last mucoid plaque ropey things looked like delicate fern fronds (branchy) and looked like they came from the small intestine.

So...go for it Hudson!

Oh....I also did a couple of 3Day Apple Fasts as well during that winter/spring. I've done 7 Liver Flushes in total, but my last 3 didn't produce any stones to speak of. I also followed Edgar Cayce 's rule to eat mostly fruits/vegetables (alkaline-forming foods) and only 20% of the rest (acid-forming foods) - which means that I ate much less dairy and no wheat - I buy spelt bread now.

Anyway - it was time for me to cleanse again and I'm doing it and already my sluggish clogged-feeling stomach is feeling better! Wooo. I love it. Can't wait to bring back the energy..

Good luck - and let us know if you get any ropes out!

Oh yeah - I didn't do the SWF's because 1. I couldn't stomach it and 2. I thought I'd let the b&p's work their magic. The SWF's flush the B&P's out before they can do their thang. occasional SWF (Salt-Water-Flush) to get things moving (if you haven't had a BM in 2 days) is a good idea. I took a laxative herb tea each night. It was mild and I didn't get cramps or diarrea...but the ultimate thing to do is to make sure you drink LOTS of warm water in the morning - this stimulates peristalsis. Also - don't jump right in and take 3 B&P's a day. Start slowly and increase. You can always continue the B&P's while you're eating normally after the cleanse too (good idea).

Let us know how you do!


My old post of Cleanse Options


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