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Re: I'm Dying...
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: I'm Dying...

Well, for a dead person you are doing pretty good. Smile.

I read about half the replies and decided to jump in with my two cents.

As others have said, it can often be a hormonal issue and it can be a diet issue. Sounds like you are making some gooo dietary choices so that is good.

On the hormones, you would normally just have to wait for them to balance out, if you went to a doctor anyway. That is what they would tell you.

Things a person can do to help them balance on their own:
Avoid sugar. Sugar feeds candida (bowel yeast) which feed on hormones and can imbalance them.
If a person has done alot of Sugar previously, or Antibiotics they would want to consider re implanting their gut with good bacteria. This will help balance hormones and boost the immune system and remove toxins from the gut.
People I know have had success with skin blemishes by adding Inner Garden Flora to their diet ( Others have had success with Culturelle. Best price for that is at
Do a web search to read the literature on Culturelle.

Another option is inulin. NOt just any inulin. The best is sold by Duncan Crow. (No relation to me) This feeds the good bacteria and enables them to outnumber the bad and restore balance in the gut. Profound healing can result.

Also Vit D is foundatinal to hormones and so being indoors alot can embalance hormones. Good exposure to sunshine without sunblock is foundational to health in general. Look up and do a search on his site on Vit D to read about how the sun is good for you and how avoiding it can wreak havoc on the health.

Also, as some suggested, avoiding pasturized dairy is good. It is usually massively hormone laden and can exaccerbate the situation. Raw dairy is a whole other thing.

And another wonderful FREE option is EFT. This site has a free manual that you can download that will teach a person to do EFT. EFT is the systematic tapping of accupressure points while focusing on a problem. The desired result being the cessation of the problem. It is nothing short of amazing.

I recently had pain in my left breast. Quite severe and knew from the symptoms that it was hormone related. I had the pain for three days. Logic says to get your hormones tested and get them balanced and the problem will leave. Just for the heck of it I did EFT regarding the breast pain and it left within about one minute.

Our electrical systems can get blocked and cause negative emotions and also physical illness or symptoms and EFT can and does unblock those electrical short cirucits and when it does they symptoms and the emotions dissappear. It works more than 80% of the time. And it is free. I heard the testimony of a man with a special type of anemia where his immune system was attaching his own red blood cells. The docs had no answer for the cause or cure. He did eft daily for it and in less than two months it was gone. No reason to believe it might not work for acne, severe or mild. At anyrate, once again, it is free and easy. Totally painless and can be used for the negative emotions around the issue, if nothing else.

I am so impressed with what it has done for me that I am going to go for a certificate in EFT.

God is good. The answer is out there. Being thankful and optimistic can help it come to you sooner. On the other hand, we tend to draw to use the things we fear, so refuse fear and embrace hope.


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