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Re: Adding my info, age etc

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Adding my info, age etc

As far as I can see there are some emotional issues that is important to solve. You store emotions especially in your stomach and liver. There are accumulation of anger and sadness in the liver and this may manifest problems like allergies, anguish, rage, frustration and probably it affect your self-esteem as well. I strongly recommend you to get in contact with these feelings and try to release the emotional content that are connected to it.
Cup one hand on the upper part of your stomach and the other on the liver. Relax and go into a meditative state or you can also do it before sleep when you are tired and not getting sleep. Feel or at least imagine that you connect these two organs to each other.

In your both jaws I see a mechanical problem that has an emotional connection as well. I get a picture of a feeding bottle. Do you know how long you were breastfed by your mother? By sucking the nipple the baby will develop the musculature in the jaw in a physiological way. The quality of sucking a natural nipple is very different from sucking a bottle nipple. I feel that the musculature in your jaw is a little week and this maybe the cause.

Pregnancy and childbirth often bring up unconscious memories from your own childhood. Try to connect to your inner child, especially in an early stage of your life and talk with family members that know you from that time. You may be able to put the pieces together in order to connect and heal that part of yourself. Ask your inner child what she needs to be strong and healthy and imagine you give her the nourishment and care she requires.

Your left kidney stores a shock memory from your childhood, about 5 years old. Try to find a way to connect with this, as it is vital to release these emotions. By this reason your rootchakra gets a little deprived of energy. This causes a blockage in the spinal column ( L3 area) as well.

Further I see that you should give some attention to your left ovary. Did you have any abortions or uterine curettage? There may be some scar tissue in this area, and it will be nice to get some work by a practitioner doing urogenital manipulations. There is also a small dislocation in the left hip, sacrum and symphysis that are interrelated.
If you had any bad sexual experiences, try to recognize it and get a release of these emotions.

This all things play a role regarding your insomnia, but it may also be helpful increasing the level of Tryptofan in your body. Tryptofan is an amino acid present in almost all common protein sources. You need Tryptofan in order to produce Serotonin (“day hormone/mood hormone“) that is necessary in order to produce Melatonin (“light sensitive night hormone“)
You need to eat more proteins of a clean origin, different kind of beans and chickpeas are good sources. A diet based on mainly carbohydrates may cause deficiency in both serotonin and melatonin, which may result in depressions and lack of sleep. In order to convert serotonin into melatonin you need vitamin B6, B12, magnesium and Folic Acid.
It may also be a good idea to test the levels of melatonin just to be sure that this is really your problem or not. The Laboratory “Great Smokies” offers a test kit that can give you a 24 hour profile of the melatonin levels.

You may try to drink a glass of soymilk (soy contains Tryptofan) and fresh ginger (+honey if needed), before going to bed and see if you sleep more easily. Banana contains a pre-stadium of tryptofan and can be used as well. Take B6 (200mg if available), B12 (1000mcg, preferable those that have to melt in the mouth for better absorption, Solaray have them), magnesium and folic acid along with the soymilk or banana.

If you drink coffee try to quit, keep your bedroom completely dark and don’t do any brain stimulating activities like pc-work or watching television just before going to bed (Melatonin is light sensitive)

All the best!
Love, Swami


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