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on the nature of coincidence
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Published: 16 years ago
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on the nature of coincidence

rog -

whereas i surely didn't mean to startle you,
it was indeed a coincidence that i chose the
same movie metaphor you did.
It's a powerful image, one must admit, and
you utilize it superbly at your site.
Thanks for that link.
Just so you might better credit this as a
(let us say) designed coincidence, and not
a deliberate plagiarism, you can consult
my unpublished book (the agent will bring
up the Proposal for review next month -
but that's another story) - where i chose
to employ the red-pill / blue-pill
imagery to begin exposing the greatest
cosmic hoax of all time. It is more than a
bit "coincidental," now that i think about
it, that the guy Dr. Pressman connected me
with yesterday managed to link up, without
any provocation on my part, several extant
"conspiracies" with the AMA-FDA one, which
i then told him linked directly into the
"big one," the one that's exposed in my
book. It's actually a love story, just to
be fair - how I met my wife in Ukraine -
but, well, I'm into the spy stuff, with
a fatal attraction to truth; so here
we all are, coincidentally meeting up.
Check out my link, at my brother's portal:

Here is the excerpt, from p.77 (of 336) :
< ....Why? What would that have accomplished? Here, in one step, you have set foot on the threshold of a strange world. Here, at this point, you have a choice very similar to Neo’s in The Matrix. There is a red pill, and a blue pill. If you take the blue one, you can go back to sleep and dream whatever you like. If you choose the red one, you will obtain insight into Truth, enough to tear your clock out. Speaking strictly by way of summary, the Adversary’s motive is to imitate God.
Ultimately, there is no logic to it. What you will find, when you finally corner Dr. Evil – or however you wish to picture it – is an inscrutable, implacable hatred of all that is good. It is written, we do not war with flesh and blood, but with spiritual agencies. You will never fully learn this, and not at all until you get action in field. Don’t try to target some human – you will hit the wrong target. If a person shows bad character toward you, remember that righteous indignation is never for one’s own defense, but only to defend the innocent. Your own defense is delegated, once you’ve enlisted among entrustees of the Faith. You have called upon God – He will defend you. In fact, this is the whole meaning behind our Master’s directive, to turn the other cheek. He didn’t mean drop your guard and take a beating. He meant that when you stand up with the Sword, then any insult can be sidestepped.... >

copyright Drake Sterling, April 2006, United States Copyright Office


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