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Re: acid reflux

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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: acid reflux

Katie is right, and I also think ACV will do the trick - it always works. I use it straight just one TBS. But honey may deinitely make it better tasting for some.

Are you sure it is acid reflux though? Chest pain and tongue pain seems unusual and may need to be checked out.

Are you drinking enough water? Maybe some dehydration is at work?

I just posted a link below with a short excerpt by Dr. Kelley, and he suggests eating foods separately to avoid low stomach acid when eating, {cause of acid reflux), and explains why.

Maybe you want to check it out? [Yes, I'm one of those pesky cut and paste artists!]

MadArt (ist)

ďSo whenever you take the food into your body, most of the food should be raw. You should put it in your mouth and chew it 28 times like the book says. What you're doing there is you're pre-digesting your food. Not with your enzymes that's in your body. You're not depleting your body of enzymes but you're utilizing the enzymes that are already on the fruit and already on the vegetables. And whenever you get them working for you, you've gotten a long ways down the line. Youíre starting to do something constructively. And so we must chew this rood properly and release their own enzymes. This goes down to the stomach, and there's the stomach without any hydrochloric acid.

Well, why doesn't the hydrochloric acid work in the stomach? Why don't we have any hydrochloric acid in the stomach? Well, two primary reasons. We need the chlorine ion andÖ I'm not telling you anything different than your doctor does and don't let anything I tell you... you always have to clear it with your physician. And consider that possibility. I mean, I'm just telling you some general principles and each of your cases may be different. There are two things the whole health food industry agrees on and the medical profession agrees on, and they both agree on this one thing. And they're both wrong. And that's no salt. They just get kind of uptight about salt. There's no reason to get uptight about salt, it's a necessary thing. Don't completely neglect salt. You have too much salt but you need enough. So in order to have hydrochloric acid in the stomach you have to have enough chloride ions in the body. And then, too, you must psychologically, or physiologically I should say, turn on the hydrochloric acid.

What do we do in our society? We go out and we eat a salad and we eat it first at the meal. That tells the stomach and the hydrochloric acid function to turn off. So turn off. So we don't need that, we're having salad today. Or weíre having fruit and we really need hydrochloric acid particularly for that, right now. So it turns it off. You need the hydrochloric acid mostly for meat and for the protein's. We eat things backwards in our society. We should, when we go to the restaurant, and they serve you a salad, set it aside and slap the waiter's hand if he takes it away before he serve's you, and then eat it after you eat the meat. Then eat your vegetables and stuff, which would be the ideal way. Then you eat the meat first, why? It turn's on your hydrochloric acid. However, if you're an ulcer prone person, it's OK to eat your salad first. That cuts off the hydrochlorlic acid so you don't get too much of it and that will help you along with ulcers. But the vast majority of us don't have ulcers. Unless it's specifically a regional thing. Maybe in New York City you do but in most of the country, not everybody has ulcers. But you might consider that possibility.

Now that you've got the food into your stomach with a good hydrochloric acid supply, then it comes down into your small intestine and here, really, this is where the whole factory blows up. You have several factors in the small intestine. It is really significant. First of all your pancreas has dumped a lot of enzymes into there, and we assume that's right. Your liver has to dump a lot of digestive juices, a lot of bile, and so forth. From the factors the liver dumps into your intestinal tract, makes it alkaline. It gets bile and does the fat metabolism. If you don't have a good liver, why then you have a strike against you.

So now we need to balance, and get your liver working better. And this is not too bad a job, but anyhow we must consider this possibility. We must always have your liver working right. So you have a small intestine that really is a beautiful machine and it has millions of little finger-like projections out from the inside of the intestine, and these little finger-like projections give a mass surface of many miles of digestive capacity so that it absorbs. Inside this little, villi finger-like, thing sticking out into the intestinal tract are the blood vessel's where the food is absorbed and goes into the main artery, goes into the liver, into the body to supply the body with food. Weíve eaten so much milk that these little finger-like projections into the intestinal tract have got mucus stacked about this deep in there. Thereís nothing, short of dynamite, that can get this mucus out of the way long enough for the food to get up here to these finger-like projection's. So all these finger-like projection's are just coated and filled with mucus. This is why we eat so much and weíre so hungry all the time. You take a big Ďol fat girl and she is starving to death. You look at her and say, "Why, that big Ďol girl, she ought to quit eating. She just eats like a hog! Sure she eats like a hog. This finger down here is starving to death. It sends a message up to the brain, "Give me something to eat, my God, give me something to eat, for heaven's sake, I'm starving to death". After that turns on, this poor lady eats and eats and eats and it goes down into the intestinal tract, and what happens? Some of the water and a little bit of the Sugar trickles into these villi thatís working there. She's starved to death for minerals and proteins and vitamins. She lives on a little bit of Sugar and a whole lot of water. She's just stuffed full of water and sugar.

Now you take a real skinny 'ol guy, and he is so skinny, heíd eat you out of house and home, and he's still skinny. Thereís no way on earth you can put weight on him. He's suffering from the same thing, he's got so much mucus attached in there. This mucus is selective. On some people, it only lets Sugar go through, and on some people, only protein. On this guy, it only lets protein go through or maybe a few minerals, but mostly, just proteins. All he can assimilate is protein. He canít assimilate any of the vitamins and minerals and carbohydrates. He's starved to death. You say, "My God, he's got a tape worm. Itís bad enough to have one kid to feed, but to have one kid with three tape worms is an impossible grocery bill."
But it coud be the mucus, because youíve fed him milk all of his life, and cottage cheese. Now cottage cheese and milk is so good, such a good mucus builder that you can just kill yourself with it. And Metracal is anther one, and all these things that you're trying to reduce with. You eat more and more Metrecal, and this type of junk, and this wipes you out. You can't absorb any food. So that's OK, you just go around starving for the rest of your life. And then people expect you to function good at work. Your husband expects you to feel good all the time and you can't. Itís impossible for you to starve to death and feel good. The boss expects you to perform, and you can't do it. The teacher expects you to perform at school, and you can't do it...because you're starved to death. Basically, we're just starved to death. There's great malnutrition in our nation, just unbelievable. It's from many causes, but this is one.

So let's assume that, in some miracle way, barring dynamite, we can get this mucus out of the intestinal tract. We can digest it off with enzymes. And finally get this upper intestinal tract cleaned out. Now, a lot of people say, "Well, Iím going to go home and take a lot of colonics and enemas." Well, they wonít ever get up to your small intestines, so don't try that for this reason. Donít try to take enough enemas to clean out your small intestinal tract, because you can't do it. But you can digest this off with enzyme's. And let's assume you've gotten that digested off. Now you've got a villi sticking out here that's just coated with food and now itís ready to absorb all this food. Youíve got a blood vessel inside that little villi just circulating blood. Then you've got two primary factors involved there that's keeping you from getting the food down here to this little cell at the end of your finger.

One is, this blood vessel should be this big around, say, and it's about that big around. You just barely get anything through it. Most of this blood vessel is coated with White Sugar . You've eaten White Sugar all your life and your body can't utilize all that and it can't even store it all so it has to do something. It can't even throw it off as waste, you've put so much down from lemon meringue pie to chocolate eclairs. You've just jammed your body with so much White Sugar it has to store it somewhere. So it store's it on the blood vessel and the blood vessel get smaller and smaller and smaller, mixed up with cholesterol and other junk that you eat. So you have a little tiny hole and your blood flow should be, maybe, a gallon through this vessel in an hour, and maybe you get a pint through there. And so that's a problem.

The best way we've found to clean up this blood vessel is just plain simple "Terribly expensive", black strap molasses. If we could make it more expensive, some way, why people might utilize it more, but it's so cheap, black strap molasses is so cheap that they won't ever use it. This sugar can be cleaned out with this simple black strap molasses. Take a tablespoon in a cup of hot water, twice a day, or three times a day, twice a day is adequate. Now, you take grandma who's senile or grandpa, and you get them on black strap molasses a couple of times a day, or three times a day, and in about 6 month's they'll be sharper than you are and you'll have to hustle to keep up with them. If you don't live with them, just make the nursing home take care of that problem. Anyhow, theyíll run circles around you. At the nursing home, you can let them have the black strap molasses. And so we get this blood vessel cleaned out. Now you've got a big vessel there that's got plenty of freedom, but the next factor involved, you just hate to drink water or anything. I guess it is kind of dangerous to drink water anymore.

Your blood is so thick, that it just mopes through there like an old tired horse. It just barely chugs through the blood vessels. Instead of a gallon a minute going through there, maybe a pint a minute goes through there, because itís just too slow. This is one of the big factors in heart attacks. The blood is so thick, you're dehydrated. Your actual blood system is dehydrated. The best way to correct that is also one of these terribly expensive things, and that is: you take a third of a glass of juice, apple juice, pineapple, grapefruit, carrot, any kind of juice, it doesn't make any difference, and two-thirds of water, mix that up with a little bit of salt, an eighth of a teaspoon, just put a little shake of salt into this and stir this up. The salt and the juice solution will force so much liquid into the blood stream and dilute the blood stream and get it back into a proper volume. You need a good amount of volume in your blood stream. So now you get the volume in your blood stream right. Now then you're really wheeling and dealing. Now youíre about ready to do something in your body. You've got good food going to your stomach, you've got it into the villi and it's going up to the cell.

It comes up to this finger up here, end the finger says, "Wow, Iím really getting something. Well now, I can really get some good food, and I'm so thankful." And this little cell up here in your finger says, "That's great". It starts absorbing all this good food its getting. And you really have problems now. You really begin to have your problems start. This cell has had to live on junk for so long; it says, "I've got something good to eat in there and I'm going to unload all that junk". So it throws all that junk out into the blood stream and absorbs all the good stuff out of the blood stream. Then your blood stream is loaded with junk or toxins. You begin to feel lousy. This fill's your blood stream so much with toxins, and the blood stream can't handle it, so it backs up into the lymph system. Your lymph system fills up and then it swells and stretches and you get achy, and hurting all over. You get sick and nauseated and headachy and you loose your appetite. Iím going to insult you for sure now. I hate to do this to you, but you're going to have to take an enema at this point. It takes about three weeks after the cells really start working that you get the loss of appetite, you get the head-achy feeling, you just feel, generally goopy. That's the best way to describe it, goopy, ugly sick. You just feel lousy, in general. And so you need to take a good enema. coffee enemas are good, or anything to keep the colon cleaned out, to help the liver unload the poisons. And the kidneys-- keep drinking up fluids to keep the kidneys washed out. Keep the urine flowing beautifully, because the kidneys and the liver have to dump this poison out. The lungs, take good breathing exercises. Go huff and puff around the block until you sweat. Get some of this poison out. Anyway you can get it out of your body, get it out.

You finally get this balanced. You get the poisons coming out of your system, and you get food back in there and this cell starts re-growing. It starts having a normal, healthy environment to live in. Youíd be surprised. It really perks up and you begin to feel good. You might feel good one day and then feel lousy for two or three. But every once in a while, you wake up and just feel like you did when you were 14 or 15, and feel like you could whip the world with one hand tied behind your back. And then your problems begin. This cell up here has waited 20 years to get something good to eat and says, "My God, I don't want to stop this". It continues that same message up to the brain, "Give me something to eat. I'm hungry." It's just gotten into the old habit of repeating the message. It's afraid itís never going to get anything else to eat, and it doesnít want to stop now. It wants to store up a bunch good stuff, because you may get back into the old problem you used to have before this. You really need a psychiatrist at this point, because it's really going to be tough. This thing continues to send a message to the brain and unless you have a lot of self will, and so forth, youíre going to get wider and wider and wider.

Youíre going to keep on eating as much as you always did. And when you keep on eating as much as you always did, instead of assimilating 5% of it, youíre going to assimilate 95%. You're going to get fatter and fatter and fatter.

So the problem is, that you must start at this point to learn to put your hands firmly on the table and push back. And do it quickly, about a second or two after you sit down to eat. You'll eat about one-tenth as much as you normally used to eat.

And this is important, but I guess you can get fat if you can afford a new wardrobe and everything, but itís better to learn to eat less and keep your body in good shape. Now you've got your body functioning normally and there's no way you can help but get well after this point. No matter what you do now, it's too late, you should have gotten there sooner, because you're going to get well now. And this is the primary thing.Ē

Link to Dr. Kelleyís lecture:

note:****[from my personal opinion dictionary]
salt= Celtic or himalayan Sea Salt
table salt = venom
HCL= lemon + Sea Salt


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