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Re: Which water filter is best?
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Which water filter is best?

Hello Julie Ann

Thanks for your reply.

I will admin that I have never used lemon oil. I have just done some googling to find out about it and it seems like a great antiseptic, anti bacterial. I image as a really sour food it would probably be great for the liver in stimulating bile for digestion. As for alkalising, I can't seem to find anything for that yet.

My preference currently is to use just the lemon juice. The reason for this is:
1) It is well proven in nutritional publications of emphasizing its alkalising results in the body.
2) lemon juice is water soluble so will absorb with water. I know its good to mix oils with salads and vegetables, but thats on the basis of eating and the stomach generating acid to break the food down. It just seem apparent to me that if I'm drinking water, which should really digest very quickly in order for quick hydration and easy absorption its best done without oil. After all, there is so much published material on drinking liquids atleast 30 mins or more and 2 1/2 hrs after eating. I would have thought that taking lemon oil would constitute as eating since the stomach acid has to break it down. No matter how much was consumed, and even if it were just a microscopic amount, would it then even be worth putting in?

Thats not to discount lemon oil. I might be wrong about the absorbing from water. After all I haven't sufficient background in research of this.

NOTE: However, dentists claim that lemon erodes teeth, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to actually bring the ph up with some alkalising agent:

By staying close to nature, you could easly put in some fresh herbs, spices etc, and or seawead, green plants - barley grass, wheatgrass, Sea Salt , let to soak a little,

In addition to that, you could go further and then then perhaps maybe even ionize after with ionizer?

Bear in mind that in Dr Gersons book - 'healing the hopeless', using bicarbonate of soda might be contradictory because it reduces the potassium balance which can lead to cancer. - see pg183 - 192. Also calcium might have this affect also, see pg 185. I have noticed myself when taking buffered vitamin c with calcium that I have always felt tired after drinking some. Fair enough that could have been withdrawel symptoms, but after taking magnesium ascorbate vitamin c I never felt tired. Also, when I was at college 10 years ago studying art I was really into bodybuilding and use to make a point of drinking lots of milk to bulk up. It could have been the Sugar content in the milk, but I always felt lethargic just under an hr of taking the milk. Mind you, there is countless research against milk for so many other ailments I don't need to emphasise its detrimental affect on health.

2) ionizing the water after adding a tiny bit of salt, or seawead etc. I haven't done this yet, so would be interested to see the results.

It's good that you can buy distilled water, though I would make sure that the water is carbon filtered thoroughly for VOCS (volatile organic compounds) before its distilled if you want completely clean water. And that when you collect it its going into dark glass containers or bottles, not plastic, unless the plastic is a strong plastic and/or is checked for chemicals etc. See Hulda Clark s - cure for all cancers, and jupitor ionizer videos on types of containers to keep water in in case of leeching of toxic chemicals into the water.



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