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Re: wool, metal and the immune system
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: wool, metal and the immune system

Search EMF Hypersensitivity (Electromagnetic Field Hypersensitivity)


Apparently the metal sensitivity is somewhat related to this syndrome as well as chemical hypersensitivity – in the case of wool: lanolin or wool alcohol. The best way to seach for tie-ins: type all the words in the same line, and see if they are mentioned in the same articles.

I found your question interesting because I too noticed heavy sweating and itching along with foul smell when I come into contact anything wool, I chose not to use it.


Also a few years back I became metal intolerant, and again I simply stopped using all jewelry, even belt buckles must be preceeded by a cotton T, bobby pins are intolerable, I can feel it like white noise in my head, and now that I think of it a metal taste! Hmmmm….


Another thing, I stopped wearing perfume because of hypersensitivity to smells, and mascara as I would immediately develop stuffy nose, sneezing and post nasal drip.


Well, in any case as I mentioned, I just stopped using these things and am relatively symptom free.  I just assumed my body just said “no” – and I listened.


Curiously, in reading a bit on this – they mentioned “a burning feeling in the face, almost like a sunburn” caused by the EMF (computer screen) hypersensitivity, and this is something I’ve noticed a few times and was wondering what could be causing it. So I may have gotten a good tip here too. Thanks for that!


Well, hope you find a few more bits of info to follow – and it may well be that our bodies are chock full of metal (amalgam?) and will not tolerate anymore…


Worth considering for me… Sorry I have more factoids than answers but maybe there is a connection?

MadArt (ist)


Interesting excerpt:


“You may choose not to wear a quartz-analog watch because it radiates pulsating EMFs along your acupuncture meridians.


An older mechanical windup watch would be an acceptable alternative. It is also recommended to wear as little jewelry as possible and to take it off at night. Many people have metal sensitivity which can be aggravated by placing it right on the skin. Measure with a gauss meter to be sure.


And last, but not least, always always always remember that EMFs pass right through walls. The EMF you are reading on your Gauss meter could be radiating from the next room...or from outside your home.


Additional Radiation Info:


Eyeglass frames should ideally be made from plastic with no wires in them, otherwise they can serve as an antenna to focus the radio and cellular phone waves directly into your brain.”


Chemical Allergens and Others

1. Nickel sulphate
Nickel is one of the most common metals in our environment, and is the most common contact sensitises world-wide. About 10% of all women are sensitive to nickel sulphate and react to metal objects in direct contact with the skin.

2. Wool alcohols
Wool fat and wool alcohols are extensively used in cosmetic products and topical medicaments such as ointments, creams, lotions and soaps. Wool alcohol is the fraction of lanolin in which the allergen(s) are found. The structure of the allergen is unknown. Although lanolin is a weak sensitizer, allergy is not uncommon because of its frequent use on inflamed skin or as an emollient.


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