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I just order myself a parasite pendant.

Hulda Clark Cleanses
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Hulda Clark Cleanses
Free Shipping on order over $29

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Published: 16 years ago

I just order myself a parasite pendant.

Just wanted you to know I am NOT affliated in anyway to this company.

Because I belong to the forum in yahoo for Scio-Qxci practioners I received this info and I bought one yesterday.
Any of you ever heard of this?
I thought about buying the spudnick thing I read about in here but changed my mind then this came along.

Blessings Raider

Here is the info I received:

"When we conducted Advanced Scientific Testing we found that approximately 37% of the World Population is Currently Infected with Deadly Laboratory made AARON Class Stealth Microbes that Defy normal Detection methods. We also found that these AARON Class Microbes are immune to all antibiotic's currently marketed... When one friend had already died and many others were very sick and the allopathic medical and alternative medical communities had no solution. We knew that Something Had to be Done, and it had to be Done Fast and made Affordable for Everyone." 'In the USA and Canada, this pendant is for experimental use only.'

Dr. Ronald Marlin Talmage D.D. PhD

The Liquid Crystal in the "Ultimate Bug Killer Pendant" has been Programmed Energized and Stabilized unlike any other ever before. (Not intended for Spiritual Growth.)

BY NECESSITY: A pendant to HELP our bodies to Eliminate almost all harmful single and multiple cell foreign intruders including the Deadly AARON Class microbes. Large parasites may be able to withstand the immune system even with the powerful assistance of the pendant The Power of Liquid Crystal is demonstrated for all those seeking optimal health.

Item Description: Decorative glass vial pendant, containing Vibrationally Active Living Water, programmed energized and stabilized unlike any other ever before. 'The encoded formulas and method of encoding is Proprietary.' Attached to a sturdy insulating, natural hemp [non-toxic/allergenic] adjustable necklace in a simple protective case. Do not use a metal chain with this pendant, if you do not like the hemp cord, use silk - cotton - nylon of your own color choice.
Ingredients: Energetic Field & Vibrations of a proprietary formula designed to POWERFULLY ASSIST the body in eliminating almost all foreign intruders including harmful bacteria, viruses, yeasts, molds, protozoa, funguses, most parasites &especially the deadly lab made AARON class stealth microbes.

Instructions for usage with people/pets:

1) Wear daily until all undesirable infections are completely eliminated. Thereafter as needed.

2) Wear for only 12 hours per day. Decrease usage only if you experience excessive flu like symptoms due to excessive die off of microbes.

3) This pendant should be removed one or more times each day from the person's (or pets) personal field who is wearing it in order to activate the changes. [Personal field extends about 5.8 ft. outwards from the body.]

4) The effects of wearing the pendant will be greatest when the persons (pets) electrolytes are maintained at a high level with products such as high quality coral calcium.

5) Adjustment locating the pendant by sliding the slip knots thereby increasing or decreasing the overall length of the hemp necklace as needed to locate it mid chest above or near the thymus. Placement is not overly critical. If it is resting upon the skin near the chest bone, you are good to go.

6) After all undesirable infections have been eliminated, it may be advisable to wear the pendant 1 or more days each week to assist the body in combating newly acquired infections. Daily usage after elimination of undesirable infections is not recommended.

7) This pendant is virtually impervious to loss of its energetic field, so relax and wear it when and where you want to. Not affected by Magnetic fields, X-Rays, Computers, Sun Light et cetera.

8) The pendant may be shared with other people/pets; it will not assume your imprint or be changed by the wearer.

9) When not in use, store in the protective case that the pendant came in. Storage should be in a safe & sacred place of your choice.

Intestinal Flora: The friendly/good intestinal microbes needed for normal digestion may be temporarily reduced in number, but should not be eliminated by the pendants effect. . After elimination of the bad guys, normal quantities of the good microbes should be quickly restored without effort by normal multiplication/growth following usage of the pendant is discontinued.

About Microbes: Microbes are thought to be the oldest form of life on planet Earth. Some types have existed for billions of years. These organisms are invisible to the eye in almost all cases, but they can be seen with microscopes provided that special dies are used to stain the microbes. Microbes live in the water you drink, the food you eat, and the air you breathe. Most microbes are helpful and some even essential, like the billions of microbes swimming in your intestines to help digest food and create the essential vitamins our bodies need. Billions more live naturally in our skin, mouth, nose, teeth, throat, and urethra. In fact, close to 95% of all microbes are not harmful. In today's world labs have created new microbes and even new classes of microbes and other multi-celled parasites with extraordinary capabilities'.


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