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I give up.
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Published: 17 years ago

I give up.

Seriously, it seems that runing in and out of this forum looking for answers is making this problem psycologically worse. I posted something a while back about leaving the crusts on because i had tried it and had a small healed portion of skin, then i tried the same method again and there was no imporvment. I apologize to anyone who read that post and tried the method only to find nothing changed. I've gotten my hopes up many times as well. For people with soft, moist peeling skin that came out of no where maybe there is something that will work for you. Maybe you have an imbalance in your body that can be worked out.

For us lip pickers i think its time to give up. I read posts from people who have had this problem for 10+ years. Posts from people who have seen countless doctors and dermatologists with nothin positive to offer. Theirs posts out there that are 3 years old and older from people who cant heal themselves. When i say im giving up i dont mean it in a negative way, but positive. We (or at least I) need to accept that we bit/picked or lips and their was a consequence. I damaged myself and since put my body into a state of mind where it decided to harden my lips to be protective. And now thats the state of mind its in and will probobly stay in for the rest of my life. Imagine what would happen if us lip biters were able to pick without a hard layer forming. If my body didnt decide to protect itself my lips would proboly be so worn down by now that they would cease to be called lips. We should be thankful the crusts started forming. IT made most of us stop picking didn't it?

The other day i was watching a reality series on tv about real life cops. One of the investigaters was a burn victum. This poor guy was nothin of what he used to look like. His problem wasnit a small portion of his face that can be hidden like ours. And here he was, working as a detective, in a public place appearing on national tv. Do you think amputees run in and out of forums attempting to grow the arms back? The problem with us as that we believe this is curable. As of this moment i believe it is not. I'v heard people dealing with this problem for many, many years. If dealt with it for around 3 years in its most severe state and im not going to waste my time on false hopes anymore it makes me crazy. If there was a cure someone would have found it by now. If someone found it they would have posted it. To believe that someone with this porblem found a cure and wasnt motivated to share it with others who have suffered just like him/her is far fetched in my mind. If i found a cure i would post it immediatly for all of you and im sure many of you would do the same.

We should stop worrying about how to cure it and focus more on how to maintain it. Not all of us but the majority of us run around in circles in here week after week with nothing to show for it (myself included). I'll always continue to come to this forum because theres not many people like me out there, at least none that i know. But im not gonna be looking for anymore "cures" that dont exist. You guys should all think about what im saying. Instead of looking up topical creams, chapped sticks, steroids, anti-biotics, surgery, lip balms,and moistarizers you should look up a picture of a burn vitcum, or someone with an amputated arm, or someone with aids or cancer and ask, "Is what i have really that bad?"

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