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Re: I was!!!
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: I was!!!

Hi Daizy 4, and others interested in natural methods for eliminating fibroids!

Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I was diagnosed with endometriosis 13 years ago at the age of 37 after experiencing extremely dehabiitating severe pain, hemmoraging, etc. Arthroscopic surgery at that time revealed only 3 or four small pale endometrial lesions inside the uterus, and 2 or 3 small fibroids, which the OB/Gyn surgeon left in tact. (I was appaled to discover that it is apparently routine practice for surgeons to leave fibroids alone when they discover them while doing other procedures).

I have managed my menstrual problems which have been severe at times with acupuncture and natural methods. This year, I have done 4 monthly Liver Flushes so far and they have helped a lot. Through trial and error, I discovered the best time to do them is at the end of menstruation as bleeding stops. When I flushed in the middle of my cycle, I got an early period a couple of days later. Flushing near the onset of my period was too exausting.

I start taking a malic acid supplement by Solaray, at the onset of my period or if I notice PMS symptoms. The malic acid breaks up the Gallstones so you will pass a lot of them. The Solaray brand also contains a lot of magnesium, B6 and other nutrients that ease menstrual symptoms. I am also taking 90,000 + h.u. cayenne, with tumeric, goldenseal, and hawthorne berries daily for Morgellon's, and to increase blood circulation. Breakfast smoothies with frozen pineapple, green powders and cillantro or goji berries, and digestive enzyme caps seem to help too. I do eat lean chicken and fish, because I have to severely limit carbs.

I have been researching the systemic enzymes, most of which are very expensive. However I recently discovered a product called "Cleansing Enzymes", whose cost is more reasonable. Has anyone tried it? Here's the link -

Now, having eliminated some of the most dehabilitating menstrual symptoms - constipation, migranes, extreme flooding, etc., the pressure and presence of the fibroids seems to be the major remaining issue. My uterus feels large and hard when I feel my abdomen, and I feel a walnut sized protrusion into the vaginal canal that makes it more difficult to push a tampon in. The pressure, although less so now, also seems to occasionally cause a little urine to leak when I laugh or sneeze. I did have frequent urination a while ago, but that has subsided. It is still hard to pass urine when a tampon is in use.

Daizy 4, I am so inspired by your story of how your daily self treatment with Reiki caused you to pass large fibroids. (By the way I met a young woman in her 20s at an acupuncture clinic who also passed a large fibroid with Chinese medicine therapy.) I am a level 2 Reiki practitioner and wanted to get some details from you about your experience passing the fibroids.

First I would like to know whether you passed the fibroids during your regular mestrual cycle. Did the Reiki cause you to have bleeding in addition to your normal cycle? The other question I have concerns the length of time you of your Reiki treatments. Did you time each location for 3 minutes, or did you intuitively focus on various areas as you felt was needed?

I do self treatment, which I must admit has not been regular. Often, I focus on each area until my breath signals a release. The length of time before release is usually about 3 minutes. I go back over areas still holding tension. I do practice yoga daily, except for when I am menstruating. So far, I have mostly used Reiki self treatments during heavy bleeding, when I can't do yoga.

Inspired by your example Daizy 4, I am going to start daily Reiki self treatments until I see results.

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