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Image Embedded Re: Red dye and other colors
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Red dye and other colors


I will explain why I believe what I believe.

I used artificial dyes:
E124 (Ponceau 4R) and E102 (Tartrazine).Click To View:  Food Dye Ingredients: Table salt,  E124 (Ponceau 4R) and E102 (Tartrazine)




 This red dye shines red when exposed to sunlight.  Dye particles are extremely small, but still  visible by normal eyes.




Click To View:  After plate was emptied int my glass, it was still very much red. This is not sunlight (it is a camera flash)... but some of that shine is visible on this image.

My wife was skeptical ... just like you. She didn't want to believe that this red color was inside stone.


Next photo was taken on Jun 13th.

Traces of red dye visible inside cut stone. Proof that stone was, after all, formed overnight.

It is an image of a cut "stone". "Stone" was about 12mm across, but this image is enlarged.

Even so much enlarged. ... it is impossible to see fine red particles of dye. Problem with image/camera resolution or with the angle of the stone/camera objective.


But, when I turned this cut "stone" at the right angle toward sunshine ... I was able to see tiny shining particles of dye. Artificial dye.

I also called my wife to take a look. And she agreed with me ... she was also able to see the tiny particles ...  particles of  artificial dye inside stone ... when stone, sun and eyes are at the right angle/position. These tiny shining red particles made my wife question the intrahepatic origin theory. 


Unfortunately ... as you can see on the image  ... it was impossible to catch it by digital camera. Most likely my inability to catch the right angle ... plus too low resolution to catch extremely small particles. 

That was the first fact that made me question the origin of stones.

This still does not mean that stones are composed of Olive Oil !!!!!

Stones could still be composed of bile ... bile that coagulated inside intestines ... trapping some particles of dye. (or whatever else is swimming around.)

Some people reported passing stones with particles of grapefruit embedded inside.
Some people reported passing stones with visible parasites embedded inside.
Other reported passing stones with beens embedded inside.  I am not the only one.
It all could have occurred inside intestines.

I left the "stones" outside, in the sun, for the next 24 hours.

This is what I found:

Science Project Liver Flush 37 068 by Spirit Science_Project_Liver_Flush_37_068.jpg 


Stones melted.  Liquid got absorbed by the paper ... but ... not dye.

This time ... dyes are better visible ... especially  violet color of blueberry juice. 

That violet color was invisible before. But, there was no question in my mind that this violet color was from the blueberry juice cause it matched exactly the shades and saturation of blueberry juice.

So, there are those 2 pieces of evidence flushing into my eyes ...  that made me question origin of stones ... and of course not to mention the fact that the number of stones discovered inside liver (intrahepatic stones ) by liver pathologists .. was rarely close to 100 ... almost never close to 1000 and it was in very few people .

And, do not forget that most of those stones melt when exposed to temperatures over 20 Deg C. (a Summer day)

So, does this mean that stones are composed of oil?

Not necessarily.

Stone can still be composed of bile .. cholesterol ... but in that case  ... bile did not congeal inside bile ducts ... bile congealed outside ... inside intestines  .... where dye was present.

Does this mean that all stones flushed are "fake"?


Gallstones can be from microscopic to 5  - 6 cm across.  Anything microscopic and anything smaller then 2 - 4 mm can be easily flushed out by anyone even kids.

Stones as large as 1cm can be flushed out by some people, not everybody.

My grandmother passed calcified stones, some of them were close to 1 cm across their smallest diameter ... and larger then 1cm across longest diameter.

Stones were calcified. Hard like a glass marbles.


What about people passing green stones before drinking oil?

It could still be congealed bile with smaller stones embedded or just congealed bile without smaller stones embedded.
Or, it could be real gallstones. We will never know unless they try to use some dye to eliminate some of the possibilities.

Real gallstones can be green, can be soft .. can be very soft ...  can be of any color.

Is my experience proof that all stones passed during the flush could be "fake"?


It is only proof that stones I passed in that particular flush ... had fake size. My "stones" could have kept inside hundreds of embedded microscopic gallstones . ... but the final size was fake.

Is my experience proof that liver flush is nothing more then strong powerful placebo?

There is no doubt in my mind that placebo effect in liver flush is very strong ... but there is no doubt in my mind that liver flush is far more powerful then any placebo.

By definition ... placebo effect lasts just a few hours or max 1 - 2 days.

Health benefits people experienced after some flushes lasted for weeks, months,  years or the rest of their life.


Liver Flush is definitively not a placebo.  Liver flush is a real cure ... the best alternative medicine cure after diet. Only changes in diet/lifestyle  have been able to produce similar or even better results then LF ... but there is no doubt that following a diet is 10 - 100 times more difficult for majority of people, ...  compared to  flushing your liver from time to time.  

When you look at the liver flush from the perspective of how easy it is to do it .. it is then even more important than diet.

What about people who get no "stones" after several flushes?

To tell you the truth, I don't know why is that. I have done close to 40 flushes in the last 8 or 9 years.  I have had flushes with many "stones" and flushes with not as many stones. I have had flushes with no stones at all, and flushes with 2 - 3 stones only.

Why? I don't know. There are so many possible parameters that affect liver flush (bile quality, health,  climate, diet, ...) that it is not possible to say that the only one single reason is: cause liver/gallbladdre are empty of stones.  This reason is the possible one, but it is not the only one. 


From the LF survey:

Gallstones Attack
 91 of 397 participants reported suffering from Gallstones
37 of 73 (51%) reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11139&a...
34 of 70 (49%) reported condition improved (question #7):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11139&a...

51% CURED! and the rest 49% reported condition improved!  What placebo could do this?

Acid Reflux
 95 of 397 reported suffering from Acid Reflux (question #2)
22 of 71 (31%) reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11093&a...
27 of 65 (42%) reported condition improved (question #7):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11093&a...

(why 22 of 71 only, why not 22 of 95? cause not all people answer all questions. number of those who answers decreases with every next question)

 91 of 397 reported suffering from this incurable disease
10 of 66 (15%) reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11094&a...
33 of 64 52% reported condition improved (question #7):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11094&a...
Chronic Acne are considered incurable (but treatable) by medicine.

Acne Hormonal
 47 of 397 reported suffering from
2 of 33 (6%) reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11232&a...
7 of 33 21% reported condition improved (question #7):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11232&a...

Allergies (chronic)
 75 of 397 reported suffering from
10 of 53 (19%) reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11965&a...
21 of 51 41% reported condition improved (question #7):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11965&a...
Chronic Allergies are considered incurable (but treatable) by medicine.

Lower Back Pain
 7 of 57 (12%) reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11356&a...

Poor Digestion / Indigestion
7 of 70 (10%) reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11185&a...

1 of 9 11% reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11236&a...

Psoriasis is considered incurable by medicine, but in some cases it is treatable.

Eczema / Excema / Contact Dermatitis
 4 of 29 14% reported condition cured,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11127&a...

Eczema is considered incurable by medicine, but in some cases it is treatable.

Anxiety (Chronic)
 6 of 61 (10%) reported condition cured,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11098&a...

Abdominal Pain (Chronic)
14 of 74 (19%) reported condition cured,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11092&a...

Bloating (Chronic)
13 of 103 (13%) reported condition cured,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11104&a...

Constipation (Chronic)
4 of 86 (5%) reported condition cured,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11116&a...

6 of 92 (7%) reported condition cured,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11217&a...

Cholesterol: High Total Cholesterol: LDL + HDL + VLDL ("bad" + "good")
2 of 35 ( 6%)
reported condition cured,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11149&a...


I suggest you to repeat my experiment ... to test your own stones.

I have no problems with you questioning my findings. That is what I expect.
But, I dislike the fact that people come here and try to criticize me ... while majority never attempted to reproduce the same experiment.  Do the experiement please!

It is my responsibility actually  ... cause I never took time to explain all the details.  It is first time in this message that I explain all details, details never explained inside the original newsletter.   

Also, people automatically assume that this means "stones" are composed of olive oil ... while neglecting the possibility that "stones" are composed of congealed bile ... so .. oil. ... epsom salt .. juice .. it is not needed to get the "fake" stones out.





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