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Re: I got pretty rough eczema help me?
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: I got pretty rough eczema help me?

Hello Isaac,

The key word for you is balance. Although cleansing/detoxing is a good health regimen, you can overdo a thing. You have to maintain a sense of balance when incorporating cleanses/flushes. Don't overwhelm the body all at once. For example, a one day fast is a good health regimen in detoxing; however, if I were to extend that one day fast into days, which led to months, that fast would then turn into starvation and cause harm to my body. You've started the parasite cleanse and need to stay focused on the implementation of that cleanse. Don't concern yourself with the additional flushes until you have fully evaluated your body's reaction to this flush. You've already noted dramatic improvement in your health as a result of this flush. Don't rush your body to heal; work with it to heal.

It's not in the internal flushing department that you are lacking; its in the external skin care, healthy eating habits, and a knowledge of your allergen/irritant culprits where you lack knowledge or application.

To help educate you regarding the types of foods that you will need to consume to restore your immune health and bring healing to your eczema skin, you can take a look at the following website: Check out the "healing eczema with what you eat section"

To address your skin care needs, you want to look for all natural/organic product containing the nutrients needed to promote skin healing. Burt's Bees is a good line to start with. The Burt's Bees Carrot Nutritive lotion may serve to be a beneficial total body moisturizer for you. In addition, and for spot treatment, the Burt's Bees Herbal Defense Ointment may also be good. Burt's Bees provides kits to test out the product line. The two kits that I recommend you purchasing are the "Head to Toe Starte Kit" and the "Natural Remedy Kit". You can find these products at your local Whole Foods Market. This is an excellent store to visit to introduce you to the array of natural skin and hair care products available on the market. In addition, this is a good store to help you on the road to a healthier diet.

The other important thing is that you are able to clearly identify what is promoting your eczema flareup. Antibiotics , which promote candida growth, would definitely be a cause. Simply consuming yogurt and increasing your fiber intake would address the issue of candida. Internal cleanses/flushes also address that issue.

Another big culprit of your continued eczema suffering, (besides your un healthy Diet which you've already acknowledged), would be chlorine or fluoride in your water system. If your water is treated with chlorine or fluoride you may need to purchase a water purification filter for your shower head. Here is a website for informational purposes:

Yet another eczema culprit that extends and promotes longterm suffering are many of the medications prescribed to treat eczema (read the side effects). Because I knew of the dangers of those medications, I was determined to find a better way for my nieces. My nieces were healed of a severe (total body) eczema flareup in their infancy without the use of medications. The practical approach of identifying and removing their allergen/irritant culprits, implementing a diet that focused on immune restoration, and applying good all natural skin care brought about those results. As a result, my oldest niece has been eczema free for six years (a majority of her young life). When you were born, your parents were probably told that you would grow out of eczema. Doctors have since changed from that statement because so many children didn't just grow out of it. The reasons that my nieces have "grown out of eczema" is due to the fact that we focused on restoring their immune health through the proper nutrition. It was not by luck that they "grew out of it"; it was by application of the practical wisdom that I've attempted to relate to you in this post.

You can heal your body of eczema when you start to address the cause. You've already begun to do that and have shown immediate improvement. Just remember to mainitain a balance and don't overwhelm your body in the process of trying to get healthy. It may be necessary for you to work with a nutritionist who could help you throughout this process.


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