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My experience with Crop Circles - and my Ilsa Tees.....
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Published: 20 years ago

My experience with Crop Circles - and my Ilsa Tees.....

Well...since there IS a MarketPlace Forum and I DO have a business, I thought I may as well post it here!

I may as well tell the story that goes along with these t-shirts as well! (the secret's out now!)

So...last year in March I discovered crop circles. Yes, crop circles. I couldn't believe that I had never heard of this phenomenon before! My boyfriend and I read everything we could find on the internet and our jaws hung open because of what we read and saw. Wow.

In early May 2002 I volunteered with CCCRN (Canadian Crop Circle Network) because if any should appear on the island that I live on, I'd like to be the researcher! By now I had read all about how to go about the research, what to look for etc. The Director of CCCRN was pleased to have a volunteer for Vancouver Island but...there had never been any formations on the island yet.

I was so taken with the crop circle designs that I thought I'd like to have one of the designs on a t-shirt! The designs are so beautiful and 'whole' since they're based on euclidean and/or sacred geometry. I thought that even just wearing the design would bring me Wholeness and everything each symbol symbolized. I also thought that whoever laid eyes on the symbol would be affected positively too. So...I went about trying to construct my first crop circle with compass and pencil and eraser on my back porch. For 3 days straight I was obsessed with figuring out how to draw this crop circle: . As you can see by the first construction it's a mess of lines...then you have to erase the appropriate ones to get what was in the field - the final design.

Anyway...I was having troubles because the copy of it couldn't be transferred neatly to jpeg and then to a I had to learn a computer design program. But, as I said...I was obsessed! And all I did for 3 days was draw this design...then try to figure out how I was going to transfer it to a t-shirt!

It was then that I got the email!! Yup, you got it! The Director of CCCRN emailed me and said that a woman had called him because it looked like a crop circle or 'something' had appeared on her property!! Ooooooh...I was overjoyed. The synchronicity was hair-tingling! My boyfriend and I went up there the next day and checke it out. Although not a 'perfect' had all the physical qualities of the genuine thing! It was about 25 feet across and the 2 1/2foot grass was laying gently on it's side (not squished down by any means) and was feathering out to the edges. In the middle was a 'standing crop' a kind of swirl! In my mind it looked like it was trying hard to mimic the design I had been concentrating on! Swirl in the middle...with petals on the outside.

Anyway...we took grass samples....and as I leaned down into the circle from outside it to get to the base of the stalks....I lifted the grass and was completely and utterly astounded to see that the grass underneath it was going in the opposite direction! It was 'woven'! (another 'genuine' characteristic) On top of that...all the 'nodes' of the grasses INSIDE the circle were 4X as large, elongated and swollen as the control samples from outside the circle! The inside grasses were bent at the nodes, in a rigid way. The outside grasses wouldn't even bend at the nodes - for they are the stiff part of the plant that helps to hold it upright.

So...there we had a good 'attempt' as I began to think of it. After all Canada is a new country (our mountains are pointy too!) - unlike England and it's old spiritual/energy centers there...

Oh..some of you will be skeptical about this and that is fine. Thing is that crop circles have been forming all over the world for hundreds of years! There is a woodcut from 1692 depicting a 'devil' cutting flattening the crop in a circle! hmmmmm. Now, of course, there are many many hoaxers. Especially in England. LOTS of them are hoaxed, that is for sure.

But I got to see a real came to me! I talked to Nancy Talbott of BLT Research in MASS. and she said that my experience is not unusual at all. She said there is definitely a psychic/collective unconscious/gestalt aspect of crop though the energy is attracted by attraction. Hmmmmm. Pretty fascinating!

I could go on and on about this, it is such an interesting subject - but I will stop!

So...I ended up learning the computer program, designing the designs and getting the t-shirts made! They are now in stores and I sell them through my website too. I use American Apparel t-shirts - soft, well-made and nice fitting.

For any curezoners that see this post - if you're interested in a t-shirt you can have them for a lower price than is stated on the site! It doesn't matter HOW you found this post...if you found it or someone sent it to you, you still get the lower price. When ordering just make sure you mention (In the 'comments' section) that you saw the post on Curezone! Thanks!

Short-sleeved T-shirts of all styles: $20 US
Long-sleeved T-shirts of all styles: $22 US
Hoodys: $25

plus a wee bit of shipping...

So..there you go!

Oh...and if you're just interested in the crop circle phenomenon now...just click on the blue/chartreuse Lightbulbs on my site.

Click 'Girls'. Click 'Crop Circles'. Then click on the individual designs. THEN on the lightbulbs! The deeper you go into the site the more information there is! There is even an eye-witness account, by Nancy Talbott, of a crop circle forming - another synchronistic event!


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