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NONI - what about this
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Published: 15 years ago

NONI - what about this

Quantum Noni
Premier Brain, Thyroid, Intestinal and Mood Rejuvenator*
Healthy Digestion
and Mood*
World-Class, Ayurvedic Blend
• 100% low-temperature, air-dried
mature Noni fruit and seed powder
• For centuries, revered as a sacred
healer by many cultures
• Premier enzyme and whole body
• Naturally high potency to ensure the
best results
• The correct species of Noni, grown 5
miles from any road in healthy soil in
fresh air in the countryside (in India)
• No solvents, no fumigation, no
• 100% pure vegetable capsules
No tablets and their toxic binders and
Super Enzyme Activator: High in
proxeronine which your body converts to
xeronine, a key regulator of all cellular
proteins and enzymes; helps boost energy*
Immune System: Contains many proven
promoters of the immune system, including
Thyroid: Promotes healthy thyroid function*
Digestion: Helps strengthen digestion and
promote gastrointestinal health*
Noni’s Amazing Benefits
Brain and Mood: Contains scopoletin, a natural
compound which helps promote mood, sense of well
being and healthy mental outlook*
Intestines: Dramatically helps promote healthy
intestinal motility, even in chronic constipation*
Circulation: Contains superior antioxidants to help
your body rid itself of free radicals*
Skin and Hair: Since noni helps so many body
systems, it can help give hair a healthy shine and skin a
healthy glow*
Quantum Noni
Premier Research Labs •
• “ N u t r i t i o n t h a t r e a l l y w o r k s ”
Quantum Noni
Healthy Digestion
and Mood*
1. Pasteurized Noni Juice Heat kills the active enzymes and degrades the active factors in Noni. For best results, use only 100% pure,
unheated, fully active Noni concentrate.
2. Freeze-Dried Noni Flash-freezing degrades the enzymes and active factors in freeze-dried Noni. Broken RNA/DNA fragments in
freeze-dried Noni plant cells have significantly decreased activity as compared to fresh, low-temperature, airdried
3. The wrong species of Noni Many different plants have been called Noni, but the true species of Noni with its famous active factors is
Morinda citrifolia. The most potent species is from India.
4. Green (immature) Noni fruit Immature Noni fruit does not contain the full spectrum of active factors as ripe Noni and may upset the digestion.
5. The wrong part of the plant The active, health-promoting part of Noni is the mature, ripe Noni fruit and seed, not the leaves or stems.
6. Noni grown near big Plants grown in contaminated air near busy roads or near auto exhaust incorporate heavy metals and other
cities (smog) pollutants into their cell structure. When you consume polluted herbs, you also become more toxic.
7. Poor quality Noni Avoid Noni which is poorly grown, pesticide-sprayed, solvent-extracted or fumigated (imported herbs are
commonly sprayed at U.S. customs).
What is Quantum Noni?
Noni is the sacred herb used by healers for many centuries to help many different types
of people. So spectacular have been the results that one healer claims: Noni is
recommended for a broad spectrum of health support.* Our Noni is Grade 10 quality,
imported only from India, the finest source of Noni on earth.
Wide-Reaching Effects
How can one plant (Noni) be so helpful to so many different types of people? Dr.
Ralph Heinicke, Ph.D. in biochemistry specializing in alkaloid research, pioneered
the research on the remarkable Noni plant, discovering its high content of proxeronine.
Pro-xeronine is converted to xeronine by the body. Amazingly, if a
sufficient amount of xeronine is available, it helps activate all the body’s enzymes and
proteins to greater efficiency.
Noni has the highest PRO-XERONINE content of any known source.
No other source tests even close to Noni. Noni has:
• 7 to 10 times more than organic pineapple
• 10 to 20 times more than aloe or ginseng
---Is essential for life to continue
---Is present in every cell of every human, animal and plant
---Is critical to the proper structure and function of every cell
How Does Noni Work?
Noni contains a whole array of powerful
compounds which are proven promoters of the
immune system, including damnacanthol, caproic
and caprylic acids, acubin, L. asperuloside,
anthraquinones and scopoletin.
Dr. A. Hirazumi, researcher at the University of
Hawaii, School of Medicine, found that Noni
significantly raised the T-cell count in the body. Tcells
are like tiny soldiers of the immune system,
helping to keep out invaders and toxins.
• Noni helps ALL cells
function at their best
• Xeronine helps optimize
cellular function
• Xeronine accelerates
cleansing of the cell’s
membrane attachment
Quantum Noni
The Master Protein/Enzyme Activator
Premier Research Labs •
• “ N u t r i t i o n t h a t r e a l l y w o r k s ”
© Copyright
2000 PR Labs Rev. 9/12/05
Noni Promotes A Healthy Cell Uptake Cycle
Amino Acids
Essential Fatty
Heavy Metals
Promotes Complete Cell Elimination Cycle
An alkaloid which acts to
stabalize the structure &
function of all cells
(a stable enzyme)
Serotonin and
other compounds
found in Noni
Your body uses up xeronine quickly when you are:
*Relaxed *Laughing *Being Creative
*In a kind, loving frame of mind *Feeling happy
Your body naturally produces xeronine when you are:
Quantum Noni: Ingredients
(550 mg./Vcap, 60 Vcaps/bottle)
Pure, 100% ayurvedically processed Noni (Morinda citrifolia) from air-dried, mature fruit and seeds of
unmatched, grade 10 quality from India; Nano-Zyme Blend (highly purified enzymes including Protease,
Lipase, Amylase, Cellulase, Invertase, Lactase, Maltase)
Other Ingredients: 100% vegetable capsule, excipient-free (no toxic tagalongs such as magnesium stearate)
The Smart Consumer Alert
*In pain *Exposed to toxic air, water, food, or chemicals
*Feeling Stressed *Angry, Irritated *Fighting disease
Recommended Use. Adults or
children (age 4 and up): Take 1 Vcap, 1 to 3
times daily. For special programs, up to 20
Vcaps may be taken daily.
*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Noni’s Famous History
N o n i
N o n i
Premier Help for Digestion, Thyroid and Depression
• 100% low-temperature, air-dried
Not highly heated or boiled
• Mature Noni fruit and seed powder
Not immature, green fruit
• Grown in India
Ayurvedically grown and processed by traditional
herbal masters
• Pure Noni with no fillers
No toxic flavorings or commercial fruit juices
• The correct species of Noni (Morinda citrifolia)
Not similar, nonmedicinal species
• Grown away from polluted areas, in healthy
soil and in fresh air
Not near traffic or cities where the air pollution is
taken into the plant
• No solvents, no fumigants, no pesticides
• 100% pure powder in pure vegetable
Avoid tablets and their toxic binders and glues
Super Enzyme Activator
Noni is high in proxeronine which your body converts
to xeronine, a key regulator of all cellular proteins
and enzymes.
Noni contains many proven, potent anti-infection
compounds which help eliminate many types of infection.
Noni contains scopoletin, a natural anti-depressant
compound which helps upregulate mood and sense
of well being.
Noni helps restore normal thyroid function.
Get The Best Noni
Noni contains powerful anti-inflammatory compounds.
Noni helps dramatically strengthen digestion and
clear gastrointestinal infections.
Noni contains natural anti-candida and anti-yeast
Noni boosts the weakened immune system; it
naturally contains damnacanthal, a compound proven
to inhibit precancerous cells from going cancerous.
L I T E R A T U R E S E A R C H S E R V I C E S • w w w . l i t e r a t u r e s e a r c h . n e t
Chronic Fatigue
Sandy, a 55 year old homemaker, had terrible chronic fatigue for over 20
years. She had daily joint pain, poor digestion, walking problems and
chronic tiredness. Even her memory and mental clarity suffered. Sadly,
she could not care for her family properly. After taking Noni, she went
through a series of cleansings, and her chronic fatigue syndrome completely
left. After 20 years, she is pain-free with lots of energy to take
care of her family. Noni has changed her life.
Bladder Problems
Cindy had cystitis for over 5 years, a common bladder disorder which
causes burning upon urination with frequent embarrassing urges to
urinate. Since taking Noni, Cindy’s cystitis is history!
Shoulder Pain
A 70-year-old woman had shoulder pain and stiffness for over 30 years.
Physical therapy gave only temporary help. Recently she developed
hip pain that kept her awake at night. After using Noni, she can now
move her previously painful shoulder in any direction, her hip pain is
gone and she sleeps and walks better.
Menstrual Problems
Carol, a young businesswoman, had heavy bleeding and severe cramping
with every menstrual period. After taking Noni, she now has normal
bleeding with her periods and no cramping at all. She is amazed at
her increased energy level.
Torn Ligaments
One athletic man, Cliff, tore several ligaments in his right ankle and
later, in his right knee. For 15 years, he had daily arthritis-like pain.
Physical therapy gave no lasting results. Every day, just getting out of
bed was very painful. It took almost half a day for him just to limber up.
After only two weeks on Noni, Cliff was amazed to find the pain cleared
and happily, has not returned since.
Stiff Knee
One lady had a swollen knee for over a year. It became difficult for her
to bend her knee at all. After using Noni for about a week, she noticed
an unusual wet sensation on her swollen knee which felt like a cool
breeze. The feeling lasted for a number of days. After another 2 weeks
on Noni, the swelling in her knee cleared, leaving her with a normal
knee again.
Sinus Relief
One woman had a long history of serious sinus problems. She often
experienced a painful congestion in her head, neck, throat and chest.
After one month on Noni, she was amazed to find that her life-long
sinus problems started to clear. A major blockage on her right side also
eased up. Although she often had achey, flu-like symptoms, they
completely cleared up after taking Noni. Chronic flu-like symptoms are
often a long-standing infection the body has not been able to overcome.
An emergency room doctor was heavily addicted to both alcohol and
cigarettes. He was continually fatigued and slept poorly at night. After
taking Noni for about a month, he became more energetic, could sleep
better and his mind became more focused. In just one month he was
able to cut both his drinking and smoking by half. Seeing these great
results, a friend decided to give Noni to her own son, who had been an
alcoholic since his twenties. After about a month on Noni, her son
said, “Mom, you know, I don’t even want a drink.”
One 17-year-old teenager was deeply depressed and had tried to commit
suicide several times. Although she was admitted to a psychiatric
ward and given medication, her parents took her out of the hospital
and stopped the drugs. Her concerned grandmother began giving the
girl Noni every day. After awhile, the girl began to feel better emotionally,
starting to laugh again and over time, she gradually resumed her
normal life, no longer suffering from depression.
Brian’s father had become a paraplegic since a terrible accident in 1994.
He could no longer move his legs or feet at all. Brian began giving his
father Noni every day. After one month his father could move his right
foot up and down. The doctors did not think any movement would be
possible again. Both Brian and his father were encouraged to see how
much more Noni could help.
Martha suffered from migraine headaches ever since she was a little
girl. The headache would start as pressure in her temples and sinuses
and then build until it was a giant, painful migraine. After one month on
Noni, Martha’s headaches completely stopped. Such unexpected dramatic
relief she had never experienced before in her life. She was grateful
beyond words.
Virus Killer
After taking Noni for a short period of time, one man found that several
large warts under his knee disappeared. Warts are usually caused by a
virus. Noni contains an anti-viral compound called damnacanthol.
T-Cell Boost
For over 40 years, a chiropractor had nagging low back pain. After
taking Noni for 6 weeks, he was amazed to find that the pain disappeared
and did not return. He recommended Noni to a friend with AIDs.
Her T-cell count went from 169 up to an astonishing 400. He also recommended
Noni to a relative who had lung cancer. After taking Noni,
the size of the tumor began to decrease.
Several years ago, one of the chiropractor’s patients had been traumatically
injured in a car accident. Since then, the man had daily arthritic
pain, especially in his knee. After using Noni, the pain in his
knee left, then gradually his other joint pains decreased until today, he
is now a happy, pain-free man. Special factors in Noni help open up the
cell wall, allowing nutrients to be absorbed and waste material to be
cleared from diseased and damaged cells. This helps to clear pain.
Macular Degeneration
A medical doctor gave Noni to a patient with macular degeneration.
Numerous opthalmologists had not been able to stop the serious degeneration
of her eyesight. After 3 weeks on Noni, the patient’s ophthalmologist
clinically documented regenerating cells in her eyes.
Swollen Prostate
One medical doctor said she recommends Noni to her male patients
who have swollen prostate glands. She found that after taking Noni,
the men have decreased swelling in the prostate.
Real Life Noni Stories

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