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Published: 16 years ago
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Have you not realized that some of us have the condition we have because of excessive licking? Licking your lips will not heal anyone. When you lick your lips too much its pure wear and tear on the skin. And even if its not extremely excessive, when you lick them they become wet, but then become even dryer afterwords.
You make a bad example of youself. I remeber since i got here reading all your posts and thinking what is wrong with this kid? All the time you'd have a new insane reason of how this problem started and what it is which were all wrong. And all the time you'd have a cure you were sure of that was wrong. Before you said licking your lips and drinking 8 glasses of water a day would heal this. And it would take two months, well two months has gone and passed.

The worst part is that you said you were healed and better yet left a post that you wouldn't help anyone, you didn't need to come here anymore blah blah blah. How rude and inconsiderate to make people believe you were cured and not be willing to share how. Then you theorized that maybe we had impintego.... ARE YOU SERIOUS????

You had a theory that cheese was why you developed this problem and that when you ate an apple a day you were getting better. LOL i haven't heard the "apple a day" thing since i was a small child which is what you seem to be. Now you say lick your lips...and you say "licking your lips is the only way to heal this problem" when your not even cured nor have any proof too back this statement. If you got proof then lets see some pictures,and you can post new ones every month with your "licking technigue." I already know you won't cuase theres no improvment. You look stuff up online and think "oh saliva heals skin-that is the one and only solution because i say it is" when you don't even know if what we have on our lips is a wound. The "cellular turnover theory" makes more sense then anything wich saliva will definitly not help. I can gurentee that a year from now, your lips WILL BE RAWER if you continue to lick your lips. Before i had this problem when my lips were normal i remember licking my lips and they would get chapped. I remeber as a child my parents would tell me "stop licking your lips" but i didn't listen. Then my lips tended to get chapped more often then others, ...because i licked them. Then one day i decided to bite them and here i am today. So now your telling me the "only" way to heal them is to lick them which is the reason i got myself into this big pickle? Good god man stop with the nonsense.

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