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Is this OLD NEWS? Lisa Marie Presley
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Published: 15 years ago
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Is this OLD NEWS? Lisa Marie Presley

Hi Gang...guess who has had Amalgam removal after 2 YEARS of serious health issues? Friday Night...nothing on TV....snowed in. I was looking up stuff on WWW about Elvis (I'm still a very devoted fan.) and found the following interview of Lisa Marie Presley by Rolling Stone magazine which happened in 2003: [BTW...anything you see in brackets or asterisks is my editing to make it more clear and because the lil gal has a potty mouth]
[RS says:] 的n the period following her split from [Michael] Jackson, her health collapsed: [LMP says:]"My body started to deteriorate. I started to have panic attacks. I went through two years of baffling every doctor from East to West Coast. One week it was asthma . . . hypoglycemia . . . candida . . . reflux . . . I had everything. My gall bladder just ****ing stopped working, and I had to get it taken out. This was when the tabloids said I tried to kill myself or something like that. We settled out of court. But anyway, I wound up in the hospital. I had everything happening; my body completely fell apart. And nobody knew what the **** was wrong with me."[RS says:] She was allergic to everything. [LMP says:] "I had to eat chicken and broccoli for a year," she remembers. "I was absolutely falling apart, physically and emotionally, for a two-year period." [Interviewer says:]At times she thought of death. [LMP ays:] "It was the constant physical breakdowns that were going on that I didn't understand."
[RS asks]"You really thought you might not make it?"
[LMP says:]"I really thought it. It was just non-stop." [RS says:]Then she went to a homeopathic doctor, told him all her symptoms, and he asked her to open her mouth. He told her to get her fillings removed. [Lisa Marie Presley says:]"But once I started to get it out, it all stopped." [RS says:]She now thinks her problems were caused by a mixture of mercury fillings and extreme stress.) [LMP says:]"Mercury can make you go ****ing crazy. That term 'mad as a hatter' comes from mercury: people working in felt factories and going crazy. They try to say mercury is safe, but it's the second-deadliest poison known to man, underneath plutonium, and it's in people's ****ing teeth." That's all she said about it in a very long interview. She's very up front and honest. And she can sing! This gal really looks a LOT like her dad. She has his eyes and his smile. Elvis....your daughter totally rocks! (OK, off to find the url of the full RS interview for yawl. It's long.)
I also did a google search for LMP in Curezone and only got about 3 hits, none of them about Amalgam removal. Let's be healthy and happy. Jax in CO

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