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Re: Clues Point to Possible Metal Poisoning...
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Clues Point to Possible Metal Poisoning...

I have also had issues with heavy metal toxicity. From literature I've read and from personal experience, metal toxicxity can cause your immune system to overreact to many substances. There are some gentle and natural ways to remove metals - clay baths, through the sweat from exercise, saunas and steam rooms, cilantro and chlorella and even herbal means. I've tried DMSA supplements(you didn't say what dose was suggested, but dmsa can come in extremely small doses, even for small children)and combinations of the natural methods. There are many doctors who chelate metals from children; usually these doctors specialize in Autism (which is thought to either be caused by or aggravated by metal toxicity). Many of these medical doctors and naturopaths are DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctors who have special protocols that deal with safe chelation methods, including the support that is needed when chelating. They have a website that is easy to find on Google. They do regular testing as a means of gauging the effectiveness of the treatment as well as keeping track of the metal body burden as treatment progresses.

According to Dr. Andy Cutler, even if you do nothing metal will leave the body in small amounts over time.

I had my blood tested for allergy to metal and sometimes it is just not enough to help the metal leave the body. Through allergy testing I also found that I was allergic to metals and not surprisingly, minerals too. Now that I have been treated for it and not found to be reacting to it I find that I can now tolerate them.

I understand the skepticism regarding allergy testing but there are newer and better methods for finding the things that people react to than the lousy skin testing that was available before. You can eat all the "healthy" foods you want to eat but if you are reacting to them what is the point? I found that I reacting even when fasting on just water. It became so frustrating to have done major chelating, food elimination, major supplementing and every manner of cleansing and flushing only to find myself still itching intensely and breaking out in more forms of eczema than I had ever experienced before. At one point it felt like I was allergic to air.

I think you give great, easy-to-understand, well-thought out advice grounded in science, Aunty, but there are others of us out here who still react and get eczema even with wholesome food intake, organic moisturizing agents, fatty acids, chelation therapy and many other things.

Even after chelating I found my system reacting to metals and minerals (such as copper, zinc and iron). I've got news for you, you would be surprised at all of the foods and products that contain mercury. I believe even Ivory soap (or Dove, I can't remember now) contains mercury. While it's great to rid the body of toxic metals, it's also great to desensitize it to metals, which makes it easy for the body to eliminate them, and also produces less stress and reactions while elimination occurs. Keep in mind that chelation leeches metal out of body tissue, which causes it to circulate in the blood stream as well as forces it through the digestive tract where it can hopefully be handled appropriately by the liver. More often than not, without something to bind it, especially without enough of the binding product available to handle whatever is loosed, much of it gets redistributed elsewhere in the body. As you can imagine, the loosed metals most likely cause all kinds of reactions until released from the body.

I tried the footpads; there was some goopy stuff released but they really didn't seem to have much effect. LL Magnetic clay baths helped me much more and they eased my eczema and allowed me to sleep at night. By far the most potent treatment I had was using Dr. Klinghardt's method using cilantro and high-quality chlorella. The way it works is that cilantro is powerful in stirring the metals out of tissue and the brain, and the chlorella acts as a sponge in absorbing the metals and binding them for removal out of the body. I sipped on warm water with a prescribed amount of drops of cilantro tincture late one night and I could actually feel the pulling effects on my brain and felt clear-headed for days. There are cons against this method as well.

Good luck, should you go through heavy metal detoxification, know that you are in for a long haul and that you will still need to find methods for dealing with your daughter's eczema. Also be prepared for the possibility for an increase in symptoms as metal exits out of the body.

P.S. My feelings on eczema:

I think that a healthy Diet is a good place for everyone to start. I believe that there are different levels of eczema and that much of it depends upon the particular person's genetic weakness, level of toxicity, damage to organs or systems, diet, etc. I believe that unless children have sustained injury or have a really strong predisposition to inflammatory skin disease, they will usually be easier to treat than adults. Adults like myself have a lifetime of bad habits forced on their bodies: immunizations, flu shots, smoking, bad diet, lack of exercise, alcohol, little water intake, drugs and/or pharmaceuticals, braces, radiation exposure, etc.

As I have grown older I have seen my eczema change and grow; from the dry eczema of my youth in the creases of my knees and elbows, to having various forms of eczema covering my entire body; dry eczema in my creases, moist and oozing eczema under my breasts, on my face and buttocks, and extremely itchy dyshidrotic eczema on my fingers and feet.

Healing myself is an ongoing process that has been going on for years. I could write a book on the various therapies and treatments I've tried in conventional and alternative medicine. Here is why I recommend that people look into NAET:

The idea of eliminating allergies is so much more seductive and exciting than settling down to YEARS of food eliminations, strict diets and product avoidance.

One day when I forgot to bring my oatment to work for breakfast, I got a package of pop-tarts from the vending machines. I ate a bite, chewed, and then suddenly found my left arm go so weak that if felt like paralysis. I went to the ladies room, sat on a cot and massaged my arm while I wondered what had happened. The poptart was the only thing I'd eaten. Alarmed because it was my left arm, and thinking I'd possibly had a stroke or was having heart problems, I rushed to the emergency room. The doctors ran a battery of tests, including a Cat scan, ekgs and monitoring me for HOURS. They finally released me after 7 hours of tests and monitoring and having everything come back looking normal, nay, better than normal.

I wondered for days what had happened. I have eaten many pop-tarts before and had never had that reaction to them or anything else for that matter. I researched and the most logical explanation seemed to point to allergy. But allergic to what? Flour? Sugar? Eggs? preservatives ? Which component could I be allergic to? If you look at a pop tart package there is a rather large ingredient list. It's the same with Milk. There are many components in milk that one could be allergic to: Vitamin D, A, milk protein, milk sugar(lactose), hormones, Antibiotics , etc. Why, depending upon your allergies you could be eliminating many foods when you might only be allergic to eggs, or spices, or citric acid . I happen to have been allergic to citric acid . Has anyone seen how many products and foods contain citric acid ? It's in lotions and potions.

NAET claims to desensitize your brain and sensory system to substances and reprogram your body into seeing the energy of the substance as innocuous. I don't practice NAET, nor do I have any interest in it. I was referred by a girlfriend I knew in college who was diabetic and on many medications (includig steroids) for her various problems. I mentioned how I was postponing buying a house because I needed professional help for medical issues and she said she understood because she had been having health treatments herself. I asked if they were helping, and she said, well, I;ve been able to get off of all my meds. If you had known all the things my classmate was taking you would have been as amazed as I.

I can only say that after all that I have tried, it seems to be one of my missing links to good health.

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