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--Answer-- moreless--Not in a Selling for Profit position like others on curezone !--
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Published: 16 years ago
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--Answer-- moreless--Not in a Selling for Profit position like others on curezone !--

Hi grz,

And isn't it amazing how Fast people who are Sick and Diseased will Fall apart, compared to those people who are of a Healthy Mental state and Healthy Physical state also !

I am able to determine a person's Health or Lack of it Better by their attitude which comes thru in these kinds of Discussions, than what they may Claim in what they write on the post for reply or in their questions asking for Help !

It is also a way to ferret out the Chaff from the Real Honest Grain or those who are really interested in learning to Help themself !

As I have stated before, I am not in the Business of Baby sitting those who are "ONLY" interested in finding someone with the same problems and Crying on each others shoulders , all the while using their Sickness and Disease as a way to get attention for themself !

Thus when I am able to detect these kinds of folks, they do "NOT" get my support !

For they "MUST" First learn to Grow Up and take Personal Responsibility for their own choices, before they may earn "MY" Respect !

As I have said, I am one Tough Ole Turkey Buzzard, and "ONLY" those who are "WILLING" to make the needed changes in their Life style to learn to Help their own Body, by learning to have "Compassion" for themself, may these come to Receive "MY" Complete Support in a way that they may come to understand how to help themself Recover from their Sickness and Diseases which are giving them Problems !!

And those who may be too Sorry to learn to Help themself at this time, "IF" and when they become willing to Really learn to help themself to Better their Lot in Life, then I will be ready and waiting to lend a Helping Hand in their Recovery, if they Ask and are Honest about their own Recovery !

Because I am "NOT" "Selling" any products, as most others are here on curezone, so I my speak the "Truth" as I see it and if someone does not like it, then it is "NO" Loss of Money for me, unlike those who are trying to Sell their Products !

For "IF" one is not willing to Help themself by making the needed changes, then "NO" one can help them !

So, a person "MUST" First admit to themself that what they have been doing is Wrong and False, before being able to Solve their Problems which may be Causing them to be Sick and Diseased !

And it is "ALL" about Perception on the part of the reader, as to how they decide to determine their "Future" Life !

For, "IF" a Person may learn to "ALWAYS" consider the "Positive" in every condition they may find themself in, in Life,and then , this person may learn to take a Sour Lemon and make Sweet Lemonade out of it and have a party and have "Real" True Friend's and not make believe ones from some internet Social club !

Just ask "YOURSELF", have not "YOU" already stated that some of these same people who "YOU" had considered to be "YOUR" Friend's ,have now already Bad mouthed "YOU" for "YOUR" Position which "YOU" have taken to try to learn to Help "YOUR" own Body to Recover from the problems which "YOU" have been having ?

And since "YOU" have been willing to make the needed changes in "YOUR" Life style to Help "YOUR" Body to Recover, now some of the "Supposed" internet friend's have "even" turned on "YOU" because they do not like that "YOU" are helping "YOURSELF" to Recover with a Protocol, which they for some Reason seem to Hate the messenger, because I Require them to take an account of their choices and learn to take Responsibility for their Bad choices, while they have "NOT" been willing to make the needed changes and are still Sick and Diseased !

A "TRUE" Friend is one who wants the Best for another person, not what that person may decide they want at the moment to fulfill their present Lusts in Life, which afterwards may Cause them Sickness and Disease !

"YOU" decide who a "True" Friend is for "YOU" this day !

Smile Tis your choice.

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