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BREAST CANCER, PLEASE HELP: diet, cleanses, supplements, over-all plan
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Published: 18 years ago
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BREAST CANCER, PLEASE HELP: diet, cleanses, supplements, over-all plan

We need help from others farther down the path of healing breast cancer. Here's the story so far:

My partner, Janet, was diagnosed last month with invasive ductal carcinoma. The doctor's recommendation was for immediate surgery, a mastectomy, because of the proximity of part of the mass to her nipple, possibly with chemo and tamoxifen afterwards. We decided against the surgery and have been researching conventional and alternative treatments.

I do the bulk of the research, as I simply do not have faith in conventional medicine to heal the body, don't accept the conventional treatments as healthy(!) and have some good experience with alternatives. Without my encouragement to consider alternatives, Janet would already have had surgery.

Immediately after being diagnosed, we (I do everything with Janet, same diet, etc. as support)
we stopped eating foods that cause the body to be more acid; no more alcohol, meat, fish, dairy, wheat or sweeteners of any kind. We have been eating very lightly, just raw fruits & vegies and juicing. We get daily exercise, plenty of sunlight, saunas and good sleep. We also started on a parasite cleanse (ParaGone), which we're in the middle of. Janet also did two colonics.

In appearance, Janet is healthy as could be, in generally excellent physical condition, very active.

The supplements we're taking are as follows:

Cell Quest (a banana sap enzyme)
Essiac tea
Vacustatin (convolvulus or bindweed)
NK&T cell enhancer
flaxseed oil (w/cottage cheese)
antioxidant capsules
vitamins A, B-complex, C & E
apricot kernels
raspberry seeds (Ellagic Acid)
yew extract
Green Vibrance (nutritional powder)
Bio-Bac (from Spain, no longer available- a friend had some his sister-in-law did not use)

The only additional supplemnents we're considering taking is B-17 and MGN-3.

At this point in the research, what looks to be the best path forward is to commit to a set program of fasting, to let the body rest. Dr. Richard Schulze 's "INCURABLES" program is what we're considering
), beginning with the juice fast, super foods, castor oil packs, high enemas, hot & cold showers, cold sheet treatment, etc.

-Does anyone have experience with this method? Recommendations?
-If this is the path, what, if any, of the supplements should we continue taking while doing the juice fast, etc?
-Are any other supplements recommended?
-Are any other healing programs recommended instead of Dr. Schulze 's?

We want to decide on a comprehensive program and stick with it.

* * * OUR MAIN REQUEST * * *

Janet would like very much to talk with people ASAP who have treated/are treating Breast Cancer solely through alternative METHODS, regardless of results. There's nothing like real life experience to help her decide what course to take. There are too many people telling her to get surgery as soon as possible, don't wait (don't think). Hopefully some of you will help balance this.

The best way to contact Janet is by phone, in Florida, at 541-350-7843. Second best is through my e-mail: balloonman1999@h...

Urgency is important. I'm American, but Janet is British. She's in the US on a visitor's visa that expires this week. We leave for Europe on Wednesday evening. Because she is covered by the socialized medicine in England (and not insured in the US), she has scheduled surgery in England, on May 10th, as a fall-back plan…

Thank you for helping us. Best wishes to all!


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