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Frustrated, been there got the t-shirt.
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Published: 15 years ago
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Frustrated, been there got the t-shirt.

Hey Katie,

May I ask?

Are you thinking that "cleansing" would be your key to being pain free?

What is perceived as "old age pains" can indeed be eliminated by removing processed foods for some, allergic foods for others, with de-acid and detox for others still. Or a combination of such for others still.

Those with the higher overhead get to do the least to get the same results.

Detoxing however, can put you in pain.

And you may not be pain free until you stop detoxing and the body stabilizes.

Add that a person may be the wrong "type" to eat only veggies, and when doing so the body is in a continuous detox condition and will start to decline after a few months if the food intake isn't altered.

So? Perhaps explaining some of the things I’ve found out dealing with the pain from my bone on bone hip might help in some way.

Inflammation becomes a key issue for pain elimination or reduction. I can mow the lawn or I can edge the lawn, but if I do both I will have inflammation and a goodly limp.

I came to realize that inflammation can have a cascade issue. Meaning it MUST be dealt with in an aggressive manner or it can aggravate itself further. I'm able to use a soft chiropractor ice pack to great effect.

This is most likely the only case of my recommending the use of aspirin if external cooling cannot be done.

So do you have “heat” anywhere? This would need to be addressed first.

Joint supplements. I tried quite a few of these early on, glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin, but found these did nothing for my type of hip problem.

(A side note. This is great stuff for people with certain joint pains. If you take these, take all 3, especially the MSM and take at least 3 grams combined total per day minimum. These do not work for a lot of people because they aren’t taking enough. Ladies, this will resolve collagen problems! If you have an arthritic dog, get the liquid form and give to them. You will be amazed when they start running around again. Usually in less than a week.)

Weight. A key issue for knee, ankle and hip sufferers. I have an engineer at work who knows when he hits 170 lbs. His knees start giving him problems. He reduces his weight.

I could tell him what supplements to take to resolve this but that would simply allow him to have other health problems because of the additional weight.

I don’t think so.

Joint supplements revisited. Had to figure this out when my overly abused right knee (which had to take the blows and adsorb them that the bone on bone hip could no longer do) started giving me far more pain than my hip ever did. No, not during the day. But when I hit the bed, it was like a gnawing tooth ache. Lost a lot of sleep.

I found out it was not about the joint construction, but one of lubrication.

Hyaluronic acid. Zero knee pain in less than 5 days, it could have been in two days but I didn’t realize I wasn’t in pain any more until the fifth day. I used the very expensive “Synthovial Seven”. My wife was having problems at the time as well, same good result.

While I bought 3 bottles at the time I have not bought any more. Because it gave me the key to understanding that I needed to oil the joint.

Cod Liver Oil, fish oil or the new krill oil. Works wonders! Not quite as expensive.

DO NOT make the mistake of buying low cost fish oil from Wal-Mart or CostCo.

So lets see, where are we. Oh yeah!

Can you sit on the edge of a chair? Feet flat on the floor, back straight (I bet you found that painfully funny!) If you can do this I want you to slightly sway you torso upon your hips until you find the sweet spot.

This is where you have no pain (you wish) or at the very least a reduction of pain.

Do this standing straight as well. Become aware of the sweet spot for both standing and sitting. (Assuming this is possible for you)

The question of metal tolerance was brought up. As you’ve detoxed to a high degree you most likely have overhead for this. The flip side is the overall pain stress could make you susceptible to this.

Give cod liver oil a go for this. Not so much for lubrication but as an anti inflammatory to tone down the nerves. I like the lemon flavored one.

If you haven’t noticed a goodly pain reduction within 2 weeks at 1 or 2 spoonfuls a day. No need to buy another bottle.

If you do, go to fish oil after finishing the bottle. Review the dangers involved with cod and fish oil at Dr

You may want to try an energetic healing of some kind such as Quantum Touch.

Finally I want you to give QT to others. Simply a minute at a time. Once or twice a day.

So here goes. Find your least painful repose.

Decide who to send the healing energy to.

Take a couple of deep slow relaxing breaths.

Begin by taking a deep slow breath in.

As you do so visualize an energy cloud swirling around your feet.

Bring the swirling energies up your body so as you end the breath intake the energies are slightly above your head.

Exhale slowly and bring the energies down your head, to neck, shoulders, down both arms to your hands.

Form a ball. Here’s where the fun begins.

Think of who you want to send the healing energy to and poof, it’s gone.

Or for some fun, create an energy ball which you can play with.

You can expand or consolidate it by bringing the hands closer or farther apart.

(sometime it’s impossible to bring your hands closer!)

Initially you may not feel it. Doesn’t matter.

Some can feel it the first time, some never, it took me 3 months (I blame it on an engineering background….;-).

Doesn’t matter, even a person who never feels it can do healing.

The purpose of this?

Trust me, you’ll find out.

I hope in some way this is of benefit to you.

Your Humble Servant,

Gracefully Savage

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