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Re: Nothing Happens!?
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Nothing Happens!?

Thank you for putting up your picture. It makes it more of a personal exchange. I should get a friend to take a picture of me and tell me how to put it up on my computer. He owned this computer before me. It is nice to know that I am helping this beautiful woman on the other side of the world in Australia.

First, see the post above this one where I reply to a question about enemas (in JUICE FASTING forum). Also did you say that you gave yourself an enema? In the USA the enema and douche bag are the same but with 2 different tips. Your colon is taking a vacation now. The enema is only if you are bothered by the bloating. My site has a whole page on enemas. It also has a whole page on pure water. Use some of your extra time to read about how fasting works and what 17 MDs say about it.

Also I think that there is salt in that stock cube. They put salt in everything cooked since cooking makes the taste bland. Start looking at your tongue all the time. It is not coated at all when you are eating so you know cleansing is going on now. Say you ate fruit tomorrow and then went back to fasting. How long does your body stop fasting and start again. No one in the world knows but your tongue will tell you.

It will clear after eating the fruit. Then if 4 hours later it gets coated, the body has started fasting again. Now if you want terrible cleansing symtoms, do this. Eat ice cream and all sorts of toxic food and then go on a Water Fast for 4 days. The cooked vegetables (not the frozen) has slowed down your cleansing rate a lot more. You are cleansing at a turtle rate. Also the cube with salt (if so) has stopped your body from cleansing out excess salt. Cooked food is much more toxic than raw food.

There are thousand of people in America who only eat raw food like all the animals. So you are not really on a juice fast consuming broth. Is it dead chicken broth (the stock cube)? Also fruit juice is more cleansing or less toxic than vegetables. That is why many do the lemonade fast since lemon is very cleansing. So I say stop drinking the cooked vegetables and broth. With a fast, less is more.

To speed up the cleansing use more fruit juice and less vegetable juice and cut out the broth. Also technically fruit is the reproductive part of the plant. You can eat it without hurting the plant. So tomatoes, cucmbers, sqaush and bell peppers are fruit. If you want to keep using broth you can make it fresh by killing a chicken, turkey and a duck and boiling them in water.

You should not be looking for change during the fast. Do not expect anything. It is a test of your faith. If Jesus saw improvement, he would not have doubted and said to himself that he should stop fasting. A medical student goes to college for 9 years spending a fortune or creating a huge debt. He does this on faith that it is worth it. Then after those 9 years of theory, he starts to learn how it is done for real.

Donald Tump borrowed money to buy a hotel for $1 million dollars. It was in a bad neighborhood and cheap prostitutes would bring their cllients there. But he had faith that he could change the hotel and the area it is in. There were problems with it. It is now in a beautiful area (because of his faith) and it (Trump Towers) is worth $400 million now. Yet compared to you, it is worthless. See my webpage PRESCRIPTION FOR HAPPINESS to learn more about how incredible you are. This is another great thing about fasting. You can use that extra time to improve yourself. Also with fasting you make an investment in yourself.

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