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Is there any HOPE?
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Published: 14 years ago

Is there any HOPE?

I have posted this on the diabetes forum and they sent me back to you guys. can anyone PLEASE HELP MY BEST FRIEND:

We are not sure what he is suffering with but he is dealing with low blood pressure, hypoglycemia and intolerance to almost ALL foods. He cannot process protein and can only seem to pull up his blood sugar when he eats HUGE amounts of PROCESSED sugar. When he tries to juice fast he gets terrible fatigue, dizzyness and his blood pressure goes WAAAAY down. (even though he has fasted and cleansed before). He really cannot tolerate many solid foods and prefers liquids if possible.

He had an illness that I suspected damaged his kidneys because he was vomiting for months on end and peeing nonstop. Bulimics damage their kidneys from all that vomiting and his constant peeing was also a clue-in. Now, he cannot eat protein. I worry about him losing sodium because he eats salt like their is no tomorrow (1000's and 1000's of grams a day and it doesn't make a dent) but he also drinks electrolyte water so maybe his potassium is just WAY too high...and his sodium too low??

Could a kidney cleanse help him? I doubt he has stones, more like damage. Lately he has been peeing nonstop again. The only kidney cleanse I know is the watermelon peeing in the tub one. :-P What do you recommend for his kidneys?

Adrenal glands were my next suspect (along with kidneys, I know the least about adrenals!!) Are there cures for adrenal gland damage/fatigue? It must be this because of him needing obscene amounts of sugar to pep him up, it is just not normal. Is this a lost cause or can we heal someone whos kidneys and adrenals are shot?

Someone suggested the "water cure", I can start him on "real salt" and distilled water daily ... should I add baking soda in ADDITION to the sea salt or IN PLACE OF? What should he do if he is too high in potassium too low in sodium?

I promise you this guy will do what you tell him to do, he is very dedicated and believes 100% in natural cures ... we just need to know WHAT to do in this situation! Please, because he is getting worse as the days go by and I am starting to get worried.

Please anyone with any ideas, post here or email me privately, I would really appreciate it! If you didn't read my earlier post, I just stated that this guy will not go to M.D.'s for this, his whole family was killed by bad docs and he just would rather die than go to the medical you are his last hope. God Bless you REALLY ... I do not want to lose my best friend in the world and I am all he's got. THANK YOU!
Christine D.

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