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Need help please
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Published: 16 years ago

Need help please

Okay, I have been struggling with depression, a lot of brain fogginess/difficulty concentrating, physical fatigue (can't ever seem to sleep enough), multiple food sensitivities , diminished sex drive/som sexual dysfunction, get extremely tired when I have any sugar, dairy, or wheat, and I'm finding it difficult to live life. It has been this way for years now and I have done some cleansing (three colonics, two liver flushes, blessed herbs cleanse, a couple small candida protocols). I eat mostly organic, pretty much avoid sugar, dairy, wheat, have a pretty stressful job and everyone around seems to think that I am crazy, but I think I have candida and I think maybe I just need someone to tell me whether or not I do and what I should be doing about it. I have been on oregano oil protocols (about four weeks or so), did the Maker's diet (the full program), eat according to my metabolic type-rarely get off of the diet (I do eat a lot of sweet potatoes-not sure if that's bad-I sure hope not, because it sure seems to be the only carbs that I can do without a whole lot of problems). I am hungry almost all of the time and I am overall in a better place than I have been before, but recently it seems to have gotten much worse. I think I need someone to tell me that I'm not crazy and to stick with it, and that candida is a major factor here. I talked with a pharmacist recently who thinks it could have something to do with cortisol levels. He may or may not be right, but man, why are so many people so closed to natural healing!?! Argh!!!!! I feel like I'm defending something I'm not even for sure myself is legit after so many people poke holes in it. I need help. I love Jesus with all of my heart and am asking Him for wisdom and believe that it could come through someone reading this. Please help! When I was a student I had time to deal with feeling horrible, but life is not very forgiving when you have a forty hour plus work week (sometime 80-90 hours of very physical, at times, work) and a new marriage. My wife is very forgiving and understanding, but its hard for her to see me suffer and I that is harder for me to see, as this is supposed to be a joyous time in our lives. It is mostly, but it is diminished by all of this junk. PLEASE HELP!!! Have I just not been consistent enough with cleansing? I really cannot fast because of my job, and when I did the blessed herbs cleanse I would fight sleep on the way home from work (at five pm!) and during the day I could hardly concentrate! I know it was good to do, but I have to be able to function too. Anyway, I'm getting pretty desperate here and could really use some advice.

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