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regarding meats

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Published: 14 years ago

regarding meats

Is there a problem with eating meat for a diabetic?

Well the answer is yes and no, now before you get twisted into a pretzel over that answer let me explain myself.

First the Good news and the bad news.

Meat is an excellent source of protein, it helps to rebuild body tissue, the body needs protein. Meat aslo provides with vitamin B complex. some vegeratians do not seem to understand this and they think that they can get all their vitamin B complex from tablets, well I disagee, and of course it is my opinion.
An artificical vitam B12 out of a pill will not equal a natural vitam B12 from meat source. one is artificial the other is natural, I would much rather take the natural source.

Genesis 9:3 tells us plainly that it is OK to eat meat, as a Christian minister I have no qualms whatsover to take a chicken and cut its little neck and put the chicken on the fire.

Now let me tell you the bad news.

The first problem with meat, is the modern rearing of slaughter animals, the animals are shot with anti-biotics and growth hormones.

The second point is that animals are being raised on grass, they are fed corn to fatten them. These methods of raising meat animal is asking for trouble.

The third point is that the method of slaughter is not right, the animals are not bled like in kosher meat, but are electrocuted and die with a poisonous level of adrenaline it their system. A scare animal releases a lot of toxins into the system. We need to slaughter animals in the humane kosher method where the animals are simply cut in the throat and allowed to bleed to death slowly.

The fourth point is that once the animals are slaughter, some people allow the meat to "age" and then some even freeze it. these two process are harmful to the nutritive value of the protein. Animals should be eaten soon after they are slaughter to get the full nutritive value of their meat.

The fifth and last point I want to make is that people eat an excessive amount of meat. this excessive amount of meat makes the kidneys have to deal with uric acid, which is damaging to the system. This is one of the problems with an exclusive meat diet. your kidneys just can not deal with the excessive amount of Uric acid.

So what is the answer?

it is kind of complicated but here it goes.

It is best to get organic meat from animals raised on grass.
Then you can choose animals that have not been shot full of anti-biotics and growth hormones.
Then you can choose to buy certified kosher meat.
You can also buy meat that is fresher
And finally you can eat meat in small portions.

I know we live in an imperfect world, but I try to get my meat as fresh as posible.

I get my chickens from a place that kills fresh chickens on site.
I try to get fish that has not been frozen.
I try to get as much organic meat as I can afford
and I try to eat small portions of meat

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