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Re: Australian's with Morgellons
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Australian's with Morgellons

Hey Anna,

I was glad to hear you were feeling ok and that the symptoms have eased off a 'bit'. Dinner last night was ok..we went to an African themed restaurant .... then moved on to a coffee shop round the corner for home around 11.00pm and then stayed up until around 2.00 (doing the usual...)

My apartment has 'something' in the air. A few weeks ago I took a photo of some white filiament 'fibers' that were on the piano lid. The strange thing was that each one was 'perfectly' aligned 'east/west' if you can believe it! I blew the photo up and each once resembled a broken piece of filiment fiber (very smooth surfaces) there were possible about a thousand small white filiaments.... I had cleaned my house thoroughly about two days before and wiped down all the surfaces of the piano.... where did these come I expelling them through my skin? I also noticed them on closer inspection all over the floor.(you had to see the floor on the right angel in direct sunlight)..I took four different photos of the piano and enlarged them and every fiber (though completely separate from the other) was perfectly aligned "east/west"...bizaar! I also feel similar things on my skin when I am sitting at the computer... you know... those little round seed type granuals...(I can feel myself breathing them in when I am in my apartment).

How freaky was that when the worms were coming out of your foot...whoa....clever girl for thinking to use cabbage to draw them out... I think we 'intuit' what is best for us...You are absolutely right about the doctor situation... I have the expensive anti-funal cream sitting in front of me... (don't know if I'll use the rest of it".... this is the first thing I have taken that has been given by a doctor (and only after it had been recommended to me by the other lady suffering morgellons in Australia - (spoke to her once on the phone).....her symptoms sounded horendous...really scary stuff...

That news video of the lady in South Florida was quite alarming....very similar to what we have been going through...can relate to the 'bug bits' and now the flies! ekkkk.... however I have not had any leisons for quite a while...I massaged my 'insects''flies' out... they must have been very well folded in on themselves..they stung quite a bit while I was massaging them out...along with the small black fibers and granuels....(full moon last night and I half expected to have a really bad time. the lady down south said these things breed on the cycle of the moon...spose I was out socializing in airconditiong so I didn't notice anything until I came home.

I too have lots of 'minute' flying insects... soooo tiny... I had some water in a dish on the sink that I left out overnight and in the morning there were 3 tiny winged insects floating on top... I have never had anything like this....I would have expected the odd moth or regular fly maybe, but not these things....

I know what you mean about being hyper aware and sensitive. I can feel when one of these 'seed' things 'land' on me (don't know if they are floating in the air or I am expelling them through my skin)....wierd... oh yeh....those 'white filiaments' I had on the piano....I have them on the dash of my car as well! and they are once again... all aligned in the same direction when I get into the car in the morning... (I thoroughly cleaned the car a few days prior to them being there... makes me think I must be 'expelling' them naturally thorugh my skin....they are quite small...I am beginning to think they must be 'electrially charged' to make them align the exact same same way....this is strange stuff...Nothing I have ever been into and would have frowned on people who talked about stuff like this...but now it is happening to do you rationalise stuff you cannot rationalise...?

I'm watching House on tv at the moment (a fictional doctor show) and there are three people working on figuring out what condition this patient has...and they will solve it within the hour... oh if the 'powers that be' would find a cure for this....dohhh!

Your sinuses sound really bad....I can relate (but not recently)...mine used to flow with a clear liquid......I would walk around all day with a vicks sniffer stick stuck up my nose.(It would help but I think I often overdosed myself on the stuff ... hee! hee!) those sinus headaches and attacks are heart goes out to you. That gentian violet must have really attacked what was up there.

I was glad to hear you got to the salt springs - hey.... you are never too old to swim in the sea...I wish I could teleport you over place is right on the beach...very calm waters...I only swim once a week though...too tired...etc. I have to stick work out for as long as I can...(too many bills to pay)... You have the right idea though Anna...there are worse things than being poor... I just think I'd better keep working while I can still function ...I live in the hope that I will beat this thing...(last day tomorrow...then a few days off .. yehhh!)

Well Anna ..keep the faith..."keep your eyes on the prize."

Your friend

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