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Re: I hate my mirena- it's out and here's WHY ..READ PLS
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: I hate my mirena- it's out and here's WHY ..READ PLS

I got the mirena inserted about 2 months ago now. I am so confused its not even funny. after having it put in i had unprotected sex and then found out from the doctor that you need protection for at least 2 weeks after getting it done to make sure your body lets it kick in first.
Then I had spotting before my period, but mainly brown stuff. Then when my period was due which is always exactly on time every month i got a light one for about 2 days, which didnt even smell like a normal period, it was more like no smell to it.And barely even bled.

Then about 1-2 days after my period stopped, i was sitting down,when i got a really bad cramping sensation. I have had 2 children and trust me this was like nothing i have felt before. It was one major long intense cramp, also very very painful. didnt go in normal waves like most cramps or contractions, and i laid on the couch for about 30-40mins shaking like mad without so much as a pause in between with the pain.

I got my partner to take me to the hospital and they were really slack sending me home with Antibiotics saying it could be a urinary tract infection but they werent sure.
The doctor the next day said the same thing but it wasnt even showing up, and she gave me a urine pregnancy test but that was negative.

basically it started to burn and hurt when i went to the toilet, i could barely push down and i had a pinching and hurting in the right hand side of my belly. So i took the Antibiotics and now have nearly the same syptoms back again, since ive finished them.

I have felt naseaus every day, absoultely fatigued, angry sad, happy, every emotion, i have no appetite etc etc, i wake up everyday and my legs and body are aching, i get slightly feverish on a lot of occasions, my vision is funny sometimes.

I have no idea if i pregnant somehow, or if all these things are related to the mirena. I keep getting cramps and getting bleeding on and off and am not due for my period yet, and was really sick yesterday and today.

Its so confusing as i dont know whats wrong, why i feel miserable and when I go to the doctor they wont run any proper tests apart from a possible ultrasound.

I seem to also get bleeding when i do anything pysical so im not sure if theres anyway something can tear in there when you do stuff.

I have had the implanon in previous to this and had bleeding all month, and absolutely hated it, thats another story in itself. And i dont want to take the pill also from a bad experience

if anyone could help that would be great, but i have to say if all my sypmtoms are from the mirena like this post then yeah get it taken out, if i find out my problems are from this then i will be getting it out

I only just realised your not supposed to have it in if you have a tumour/cyst in your liver (states in in the warnings i think) and i have one of those also, and it does get pretty painful in that area a lot of my body

sorry about the long post i just want to make people aware if they are experiencing the same things



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