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Published: 16 years ago


I've posted on the Iodine support forum before now, but received no replies, so I think I'll settle for posting here on this forum, and just keep people posted on how my use of Iodine is going.
A bit of background - I have parasites - seen them in bowel movements and under the skin, and exiting the skin. They also cause severe Psoriasis in me - both lower legs - shins but stop at calves, arms - again extensor surfaces, but not inner areas.
For about a month, I've been taking Iodine baths, painting with lugols, and taking Lugols internally (now up to 3 drops daily). I am also on humaworm right now.
I was one of teh persons who described seeing long white fibres exit my skin when I took an iodine bath. I use 1/4 cup of povidone-iodine and soak for 20 to 30 minutes. I paint after.
When I started painting, the Lugols just brought the Psoriasis to the surface in all the areas where I've ever had psoriasis. Gulp. I was now covered in Psoriasis on my arms and legs. Having faith that something would heal, I kept painting, adn taking it internally. I saw worm shapes under the skin, and when painted, these would hurt - a lot. Decided the hurt was the toxins leaking out of the wormy things and affecting my body. Varied between lots of energy, and being really tired. About a week ago, my skin started peeling. I got all excited, and thought I was healing, but the skin underneath was red and inflamed, and still had dark patches discolouring it in strips (like areas of dead worm - lovely). The new skin looked hideous, and there was still lots of areas which hadn't started peeling yet. I kept painting. Sometimes it hurt in areas. I'm trying to tell you taht this was not an easy process - pain and ugliness, what joy. My skin started hurting, because also felt so dry, so I started using moisturiser after painting. I started using neem (because I had some to use up), and I noticed that the neem makes the iodine absorb faster.
I'd also been painting my neck, because I get localised pain in my head, and floaters, so reckon I ahve parasites in my head. Also a week ago, I started getting skin tags on my neck which grew quickly. They absorbed iodine, but they hurt and then itched. Eventually the biggest one could be pulled off (although this hurt), and something else alos came out of the skin where it had been attached (like the head of a pimple). However, at the same time a huge black mark appeared on my neck, and the skin started itching. This was 4 days ago. The skin started peeling, and darkening. It looks hideous. I stopped painting for a day, and then started painting again, because the itching was unbearable but it stops when you apply lugols. The skin is still peeling and darkening, and swelling. It hurts to turn my head - hard to describe, but it feels like there's something under the skin on top of my thyroid, which rubs against my thyroid and tendons when I turn my head. The swollen areas pulse with my heartbeat, and I can hear my heart beating in my ears. I think these are parasites in my thyroid, adn I think they are either dying, or disengaging so that they will leave my body.
Finally on a happier note, my right arm, which was severely disfigured (someone said I look like I ahve a dread disease) is starting to peel, and tehre is clear white healed skin underneath.
I also take all teh supplements taht you need while taking Lugols - selenium, vits ACE, niacin, magnesium ( Epsom Salts ) and horsetail. I liver flushed last week, and got one big stone, and a few little ones.
I sometimes feel the worms move around under my skin - it hurts - same feeling as in my neck.
This protocol is not for the faint-hearted. But I've had my infestation for so long, I think there was no way that they were ever going to go easy.

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