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Thanks! More thoughts from me
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Published: 14 years ago
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Thanks! More thoughts from me

I have been on the road to health for awhile now, and am definately very interested in healthy diet, etc. Interesting you mention hypoglycemia because I do have that actually. I take supplements for it and eat a pretty good diet. I also suffer from hormonal problems(severe pms, cramps and bad Acne all the time) and mood issues but I am doing a lot of work on those..I just finished a parasite cleanse and am doing a Liver Flush soon. I am SO much better than I use to be from the cleanses and nutritional work Ive done. So Im working on it and trying not to let this all get in the way.

I will look into buying that book. I think its probably something I need to read because I always seem to attract guys like this and I feel afraid that if I fall in love again one day-will he turn out the same way?

I havent spoken to my boyfriend at all much lately. It seems for some strange reason his phone is not working and I cannot recieve his texts...I havent called him..we usually talk over text. I havent seen him either but I know I cant run from it forever..he has yet to offer me any sort of solution to these problems..I know he wont be able to. Im not sure what to tell him...I just weaken when I talk to the abuse forum I was asked to think what I love about him...and I dont know...I loved who he was in the begining I guess...I loved the way he made me feel. So happy and fulfilled...he was nice and funny and SOOOO cute and seemed to care about me SO much...he helped me through some personal problems I was having at the time...but then..all hell broke loose. I honestly DONT like a lot of things about his character...he is insensitive most of the time..he says stupid things which I dont find funny..he has said a lot of rascist remarks which I REALLY dont find funny...he doesnt care about the news/world events or have a lot of enthusiasm for things I believe in (Im very spiritual, believe strongly in God, and also am very big on animal rights, and Im a vegetarian which he seems to find sorta dumb). Also he doesnt do much besides watch tv when he isnt working..where as I have lots of hobbies such as reading, painting (Im an artist as a "second job" that I dont make much money at hahah), I have many goals and he doesnt seem to know what he wants to do...I could go on and on.

So when trying to figure out what I love about him....I dont know. He isnt the same person he used to be..I should explain something else...we were both BIG drinkers and partiers when we first got fact I was pretty much a binge drinker and borderline alcoholic..after one too many scary nights waking up covered in my own vomit, I decided to completely quit drinking and clean up my life. He didnt like this much at all. He seemed to almost want to convince me that there was nothing wrong with my drinking before-and trust me, there was, honestly I feel Im lucky to be ALIVE. I think he resents me for cleaning up my life. I had quit smoking as well and he was a smoker.

It seemed to happier I got with myself, the more he dislikes me...Im well aware that follows the pattern. Im still confused but I feel more and more like I cannot go back unless EVERYTHING would change (and he told me everything would change after the last time I dumped him and here we are again)

I cannot thank you all enough for your taking the time to respond about my situation. Im very thankful for all of you, and I truly love curezone, I feel so many kindred spirits here. Much love ~

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