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Re: Australian's with Morgellons
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Australian's with Morgellons

Hey Anna,

It's Saturday evening here....have had a busy day shifting furniture. I bought a long low-lying entertainment unit and a new tv today, a few new lamps, a taichai dvd - a new ironing board cover and a few other things... (holidays can be expensive!). I've got a new desk on order as well... so I really will have to get back to work to afford all these luxuries! One more day of freedom then back to work.

You're right when you say they die off during the colder climate...our 'colder climate' is 27 degrees C. I have had nothing at all now for, oh must be just over a week. My skin is really smooth (back to normal). Energy level is high (but then again I am on holidays!). I have been reading a lot of 'positive' books... At the moment I am reading Zig Zigglar, Louise Hay, Norman Vincent Peal (was brought up on his books!) and a few others... a different state of mind really is another galaxy...'Say it until you believe it' seems to ring true a bit...

I am still wary of this 'thing' and know I need to ' keep on top of it.' I checked in with the guy I left my samples of my 'flies'with via the phone....he said he will be doing his microscope work on the weekend... if he can't identify them he will send them on to the top guy at Sydney Uni. He believed me...I told him the impact it has had on my life over these past 14 months - financial/energy wise/health etc....hopefully something will develop out of this - even if it is just awareness and future sufferers are 'believed' when they present...that would be a start!

Your shoulder seems to be causing you some pain...have you tried castor oil packs yet?...Are you familiar with Edgar Cayce at all?....he used to recommend castor oil packs...might be just a thought to look into what he would have recommended for a sore shoulder. As for Antibiotics etc...I can't remember ever taking any .... my family was always into health in a BIG way so any cold etc. was treated with old Russian remedies and lots of vit c (lots of honey and apple cider vinegar and eucalyptus). I am pretty lucky that way I think...worst thing I have are a few Amalgam fillings I would love to get rid of (but the dentist is SO expensive!).

Oh another thing Anna - about the time I noticed these 'things' leaving, I had bought some soap that was made in India from an Asian furniture place... (they have lots of lovely things there!)...anyhow I usually buy simple soap, but I bought a few bars of Neem soap with lavender and a couple others with Neem and Patchouli... on the packet it said Neem and lavender were very antibacterial so I gave it a was within days of using the soap that things cleared of course it could have just been a timing thing, but it might just be another catalyst it this things' eradication. I have read that sufferers may have a special type of 'fungus' or 'bacteria' growing on them that attracts this 'thing' there may be some relevance re: the Neem soap...

My heart went out to you when I read you spent the day cleaning...ohhhhh....what horrible memories...that alone is EXHAUSTING!....

My parents came over today and because I was always scared of passing these 'things' on I have not visited much and had stopped hugging people when I met them...well today mum and dad couldn't get enough hugs... mum kept coming back for more all the time...she was so glad these things had gone and was glad I would hug her again...this 'thing' really is a 'thief' on many levels isn't it?!

(While I am sitting here writing to you I am using a teaspoon to sip apple cider vinegar and local natural honey)...I always get into something 'healthy' when I check into Curezone...usually have my sips of Olive Leaf Extract or munch on a carrot or apple etc...(I have moved, not put away, but moved my tea tree oil bottles to the bathroom and they are no longer next to the computer...I have put them in the bathroom and have thrown out all my 'sticky tape' specimens....out of sight/out of mind/out of skin/out of house....etc. ).

Happy trails my equine-loving friend


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