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Re: Scattering : Educate yourself on the subject.
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Scattering : Educate yourself on the subject.


First off let me thank you. I didn't know exactly why it was that I was putting off taking the parasite cleanse. I trust and listen to my inclinations. We all have a natural wisdom within us and I think it is very important to follow that wisdom.

By delaying, I think that you may have saved my life, or at the very least saved me from ruining the already sub-standard health that I now have.

Right now, and for about what a week or so?, you have been on a campaign. A campaign to save people from ignorance, and this is admirable. I think part of what motivates this campaign is the outrage that you feel for having come so very close to hurting your family, or at least imagining that you could have. A very scary thought indeed. The guilt you could have had would of been near insurmountable. I don't know your sex, but your maternal/paternal instinct was activated with a vengence to protect.

I respect this and admire it. And give thanks to you for allowing this protective instinct to ripple out as far as you possibly could. This can only have positive results and has already.

I don't know what your beliefs are regarding a Creator. If you do believe, perhaps you can accept that herbs were made for the benefit of man. (I am not trying to talk you into anything here, just offering some thoughts for consideration.)

If you are not a believer, then perhaps you can trust that humanity has been using herbs since before recorded history to heal thier ailments.

There is one drawback to using herbs for the modern person. That drawback is that they are usually slow working. Perhaps thier slowness was the inspiration to Hippocrates oath? Anyway, back to my point. We cannot expect herbs to fix overnight problems that may have taken decades to develop. Modern peoples have come to expect quick results for everything. LOL, we now complain that an email that was sent 2 minutes ago hasn't shown up in our email box!

I write with the hope that you won't turn away from a time-tried true method of obtaining health benefits as a result of the very understandable outrage you feel for having the realization that you could have put your family and children in danger. Herbs used responsibly restore. Restore. That is optimum health. Something to be valued and not discarded out of hand.

I believe that preliminary work has to be done by those with heavy infestations before embarking on the herbal route to rid one's self of parasites. Improving the immune system, getting the elimination systems working as they should and any other means such as eating raw garlic and other spices that eliminate parasites. Personally, I would highly recommed Castor Oil too. The things I have seen over the past couple weeks! bleagh

The problem of migration/scattering lies in the load of parasites that a person has to begin with, I believe. This load is only compounded by a poor immune system and elimination systems as well as a poor diet. Fix/improve these and I believe that the possible problems are minimized.

Yes, I think you may have saved my life by your campaign. I hope that my words will be of assistance to you at some point.

just-n-merciful (are our bodies)

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