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Re: Natural is Better
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Natural is Better

Yes, I believe I do.
Let me look that up for you.
In the meantime, here's a few testimonials.


Cindy H., 50. Remarkable response to immunotherapy of a woman with stage IV cholangiocarcinoma metastasized to liver, kidney, and both lungs.

Cindy H. is a 50-year-old woman who was first seen April 17, 2006, by a Kaiser Permanente physician for right-sided abdominal pain with a history of nausea going back many months. Cindy reported that the pain was not directly associated with the nausea. She had recently experienced occasional vomiting, which was worst in the mornings, but was not associated with food. An ultrasound of the abdomen revealed a large mass in the right lobe of her liver. A CT scan of the abdomen was scheduled for April 25, 2006, but before that could happen she became very ill.

On April 23, 2006, Cindy was admitted to a holding unit by Kaiser Urgent Care for dehydration due to a 3-day history of inability to eat or drink, severe nausea and vomiting, and a 1-day history of watery diarrhea. She was subsequently admitted to Kaiser where she was hydrated and, on April 24, 2006, the previously scheduled CT studies were conducted. A triple-phase CT of her liver demonstrated that the right lobe was approximately 60% replaced by multiple tumors, which encased and occluded the inferior vena cava, and extended to and engulfed the right adrenal gland. Renal veins also appeared to be occluded bilaterally with collateral venous drainage. Both of her lungs were found to have multiple metastatic nodules, more than a dozen in all. A guided needle biopsy of the large liver mass was found to be an adenocarcinoma, specifically cholangiocarcinoma.

During hospitalization, Cindy’s nausea and vomiting resolved with rest and IV hydration. She was then discharged to home. Her oncologists were quite pessimistic regarding her options for treatment, all of which she declined, and offered her a prognosis of only 8 to 12 weeks with rapidly deteriorating quality of life.

She was admitted to CHIPSA for immunotherapy on May 2, 2006. Her bilirubins, total, direct, and indirect, were elevated at 1.4, 0.3, and 1.1 respectively, and her nausea had returned. She was started on a modified Gerson dietotherapy, and took 8 cycles of Coley’s mixed bacterial vaccine, PUVA-photopheresis with monocyte collection and culture, and transfusions of dendritic cells supported by intravenous GKI solutions. An autologous cancer-associated microbial vaccine (CAMV) was created and added to treatment during hospital week #4.

During treatments, Cindy experienced repeated copious discharges of clear mucus from her lungs which led to coughing, gagging and vomiting. Her emesis was occasionally simply clear mucus. Similarly, her enema discharge was frequently observed to have ropes of mucus as thick as a finger. She required frequent treatments for nausea during the entire hospitalization. Almost every coffee enema was accompanied by mucus discharge from her sinuses, lungs, stomach, and intestines. Periodically, she would vomit straw-yellow bile.

During her hospitalization, Cindy made every effort to eat and drink her juices, but it was a struggle all the way. She responded to immunization dramatically, with spiking fevers and even frank fasciculation of the right abdominal wall muscles overlying the known tumors. Despite her GI symptoms, she remained nonicteric, her skin pink and well perfused, and remarkably pain free.

On May 26, 2006, a high-definition ultrasound was conducted to compare with the original diagnostic US of April 17, 2006. Despite a lengthy effort, a distinct mass in the right liver lobe could not be visualized. The liver was slightly enlarged with slightly increased echogenecity. A CT scan was recommended for correlation.

Cindy was discharged to home on May 26, 2006, and continued intensive home treatment with dietotherapy, coffee enemas, Coley’s toxins, CAMV, and cryopreserved dendritic cells. She experienced intermittent, repeated bouts of coughing, gagging, vomiting, with sudden and often violent emesis after nearly every coffee enema.

On June 7, 2006, Cindy experienced her first really good day. Prior to that, a pattern of severe reactions had set in. Each day from her return home, her first carrot/apple juice would cause her to produce enormous quantities of phlegm from the sinuses and lungs with gagging and vomiting. A single green-leaf juice could result in up to 6 hours of mucus discharge with vomiting. These reactions had finally abated after more than a week at home. Even though the strong reaction had subsided, she experienced continued expulsion of mucus plugs and ropes up to 6 inches in length with nearly every enema.

Despite disruptions in nutrition, and concomitant rapid weight loss, Cindy’s energy continued to improve, and her reactions to Coley’s toxins and dendritic cells were robust. On June 11, 2006, she was able to attend church and was surrounded by people telling her how good she looked. By this time she had lost 33 lbs, from 213 on April 17, 2006, down to 180.

After a CT scan with contrast on June 15, 2006, Cindy became violently ill. These symptoms lasted for several days and had resolved by June 18, 2006. Her appetite had returned and she was enjoying yogurt with strawberries and honey 3 times daily in addition to juices, oatmeal and potatoes. She had no emesis at all on June 19, 2006. She continued with copious mucus discharge from the lungs, but no gagging or vomiting. She was sleeping through the night.

Despite the lull, during the week of the 25th of June, 2006, periodic bouts of nausea and vomiting occurred, especially in conjunction with coffee enemas given shortly after Coley’s toxins and dendritic cells. She was given supportive IV hydration and, per the recommendation of a hospice nurse and friend, started on prochlorperazine, which was remarkably effective almost instantly. Cindy’s quality of life improved greatly with control of her nausea and by July 13, 2006, she was able to eat, drink and exercise. Her son returned after a 3-week absence to remark that he was amazed at her increased energy. She told us that she loves toasted oats on her fruit, yogurt and honey, craves orange juice, and manages to get her pills and capsules by grinding them and stirring them into her applesauce. Lunch and dinner were vegetables and potato, or rice with fruit, and she was eating fruit in between meals.

During this time, Cindy said that she felt she was “turning the corner.” She reported much less mucus in the enemas, and felt less toxic and less urgent. She now knows when she needs a detoxifying coffee enema. A very good friend of hers, an RN who teaches at a local college, had arranged for a number of young RNs to help. Cindy related that the nurses told her, “We would never be allowed to give shots in these amounts, but the treatment is working.” Her weight loss had slowed by this time, and she was at a very comfortable 165 lbs, having lost 48 lbs from the beginning.

On July 22, 2006, we received this email:


7/22/2006 2:59:49 PM

Dear Friends & Prayer Warriors,

Thanks so much for all your love & prayers. Monday will be 3 months since Cindy was diagnosed with cancer & only given 3-4 months to live. On Monday we will be going to the beach with our friends & family. WE BELIEVE! Last night we went to some friends for a party & Cindy got in the pool & played a game with a beach ball for an hour hitting it up in the air with a group of people. She looks fantastic. Her energy level is building up each day. We are very blessed by our Lord as her healing is coming day by day. Her parents returned to Kansas on Tuesday they were a tremendous help during the hardest time. Thanks for the prayers we continue to need them.

Love in Christ,

Jerel & Cindy...we Believe


Cindy and her husband spent the first several weeks of August 2006 vacationing on the beach. Their motor home was fully loaded with produce and the juicer. When they returned, they called to report that Cindy had forgotten to take her prochlorperazine for an entire week with no nausea and a wonderful appetite. They spent their days relaxing and playing. She continues to have periodic rough times in direct correlation with her immunizations, but much of her time is uncomplicated by complaints of any sort. Several recent emails demonstrate the degree of improvement she enjoys:


8/18/2006 7:41:15 AM

Thanks, Gar,

Cindy is doing great again. We were gone to the low desert all day & went to an organic restaurant & shopping. We visited for 4 hours with the owners of this large health food store named Clarks. They were very familiar with Gerson therapy but were blown away by Cindy's story.



PS the reactions have returned to normal. Cindy only had 2 enemas yesterday because we ended up being gone much longer than we thought. She had fun yesterday.


8/19/2006 6:50:25 PM

Dear Gar,

There have been some amazing breakthroughs this week.

We went out for almost an entire day shopping eating at an organic restraunt (at Clarks in Rancho Mirage). But Cindy had only 2 enemas & felt great. She has not needed any nausea medicine this week. Also this is big. Her appetite is great & she has even been able to drink a green juice & said it was OK. Something else, We've been eating some spicy food which before we knew about the cancer she had to quit because it bothered her. It is like after the bad week after the vacation & the big reactions she has turned a corner. On Thurs when we were gone all day & ate out she said , "I almost forget I'm sick at all." So we've been doing 2 enemas a day now & she seems great with it. Before, she knew she needed it.

Thanks so much for all you are doing for us,

Very Blessed


We Believe!

Update: February 16, 2007: We drove to Yucca Valley CA to visit Cindy and Jerel in their home. Cindy remains remarkably stable, with no respiratory distress and no supplemental oxygen. They had been entertaining over the weekend and iwell nto the week, and she acknowledged that she was tired from this. She remains free from icterus, and is eating and eliminating normally.Importantly, she was never operated, and has never been stented. She has now passed 10 months since the acute onset of symptoms, and has clearly lived well beyond her initial guarded prognosis of 8 to 12 weeks.


JD Barcik 35, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, 6 cycles ABVD from May - October, 2004. Relapse February 2004. Refused high-dose chemotherapy with stem cell transplant to try alternatives.

In his own words
I am well now and here’s why: I followed the crowd into first line chemotherapy in June 2003. My influences were despair, fear and a loss of trust in my body’s ability to heal itself. Almost immediately after chemotherapy I relapsed. My second conventional treatment options were not good to put it mildly. Then I found Gar Hildenbrand and started listening to my “gut” only after a few conversations with him. Gar’s treatment comprehensively dealt with my sick body by way of science, logic and fact. Equally important he addressed how I felt. The latter being something my conventional treatment course both omitted and discounted. In the beginning, I was not convinced of anything. I decided however that I would believe that it was possible “to believe” in an alternative. I would describe this as a half step in the right direction. Immediately upon starting the program I began to change. I was trained and educated by the staff so I could be an effective part of my own treatment at home and guide those around me willing to help.Every time I looked backward, there was my team of exceptional people in Gar, Christeene and my family plus a very powerful treatment protocol. Finally I began to recognize, accept and commit to the many changes taking place in my body, life, environment etc.There is more that comes from this treatment than beating cancer. Gar and Christeene Hildenbrand understand recovery, healing and life better than anyone I’ve ever met or heard. In fact they have lived through disease and most importantly, communicate it clearly and brilliantly. I worked very hard and stayed focused, but was met with many challenges. Gar was there for me when I needed him. Over a year’s time the moments of disbelief, doubt and fear decreased and my confidence increased.I will never forget how much work it has been. I did not have the answers then that I do now. But it is possible. At this moment, I might be the healthiest person I know. Gar Hildenbrand gave me help, a path and continued to bridge me from then until now.I am well now and it is possible with Gar Hildenbrand Alternatives. To know it is possible, to know it can be done is power. For this I am very thankful. You can do this and I am available to you to confirm this testimonial.

John David "JD" Barcik, July 2005


Update March 2007: JD has since become successful in technology sales and has married a lovely woman by the name of Tatiana. They live and thrive in Florida.

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