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Re: I am sorry for being closed minded -- All are welcome

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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: I am sorry for being closed minded -- All are welcome

Thanks Dennis! You're cool :-)

I also need to be more open-minded!

Well, here is some of my experiences with some of these therapies -none are magic bullets, but there is something to them that can help towards healing:

Oil pulling, O2 therapy, reflexology, water therapy:


I only learned about oil pulling from Curezone so recently began trying it for the heck of it. What the heck-- I already had a bottle of unrefined grapeseed oil.

Well I'm addicted now! I fill a dixie cup up with just about a tablespoon and 1/2 of grapeseed oil and swish away after I brush my teeth in the morning. I do it for about 10-15 minutes some days- 20 if I have time.

Mucus always comes up my throat during and afterwards. I end up spitting alot of mucous globs out that I didn't know I had in there along with the oil after "swishing". My gums are healthy as well.

My teeth are whiter too- and I don't know if it's from the oil pulling or just good teeth care with natural toothpastes.

My sinuses are very clear and I notice that I don't sneeze every day anymore.

I used to sneeze every day my entire life , even as a baby. My parents joked about it. No kidding- I probably should have submitted myself on the Guinness Book of World Records for this. Well these past 2 months I only sneezed when I had a cold, or from dust. No familiar mucous sneeze anymore.

Also-- I noticed that my skin no longer breaks out in blemishes anymore. Up to the time I started oil pulling, I'd always get White head and blemish break-outs along my chin and mouth area the week before my Period. I used that as a sign I was getting my period. Now I have to mark my period on a calendar, because I no longer get break-outs whatsoever and I just got a comment last month that my skin is beautiful.

I realize that oil pulling is a means to help an end- but if we ate muculous foods-- like all raw produce and fruits and nuts- and no dairy or refined flour, etc, we would probably not have any mucous in the first place. As I strive towards that goal, I will continue to oil pull on the side-lines to help the body out a little!

02 Therapy:

Well , the only experience I had in that was after I found out I had parasites a few years ago, I took some of my mother's oxygen supplement tablets. This was before doing the Herbal parasite cleanses but after doing a month of colon cleansing. I freaked out and stole some of my mom's tablets she got from the health food store because I read parasites hate oxygen.

I noticed that I had a very nice clean feeling inside my gut which is hard to describe-- as though fresh air without the gas was in there. I also started noticing lots of dead parasites floating in the toilet bowl that week.

My mother asked me to leave the oxygen supplements alone as she was trying them for her arthritis condition, and they were expensive. I felt bad and stopped, and have since repaid her .

I guess this confirms that if we all breathed deeper in cleaner air, alot of our health problems wouldn't exist. We need trees and plants and we need to be around pine trees during the Winter months.


I believe in this. I don't believe refloxology cures anything, but I think it indicates issues the body's organs may have.

The week before my period, certain parts of the bottoms of my feet get extreem itching needs-- which make me take off my shoes wherever I am and scratch and rub that part of the foot. I also get these sensations on certain parts of my palms too.

I think since God put harmony in all Creation and the Universe, our bodies were also works of harmony as well. Everything in the body is connected to something else and everything effects something else- no matter how small. This is also the case with iridiology- where you can see a change in the persons' iris from something in the body triggering it. All things "work together for good" so this is why I take reflexology as common sense and not "voodoo science".


My only experience with this so far is when taking baths and showers.

When I am not feeling good or during my Period-- I will soak in a hot tub with Epsom Salts and a little baking soda. (Thank God- We don't have chlorine in our water yet, and i pray we never do get that shoved on us) The heat from the water makes my body soak up the minerals from the Epsom Salts and I feel so chilled out and calm , that it is as though I had a full body Infra-Red massage.

Now if I took the same bath with ordinary bubble bath, I would feel okay, but it is not that same effect. Because of this I add Epsom salts to the bathwater when my nephew sleeps over and takes his bubble bath :-)

The other experience I have with water therapy is taking a very warm shower then finishing with a cold freezing water rinse. My body doesn't initially like it, but the feeling of circulation you get is awesome afterwards! It must really rev up the Lymphatic system in the morning!

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