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Re: Natural is Better
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Natural is Better

"Of course, this is the only procedure, Gerson, that I have found proof
of that really works and is a natural cure for cancer."

Hello Dave,

After your first sentence, all sounded as defense of it.
Wording is important and proof is subjective and elusive
and as you say, miracles are effected in every minute of
each day somewhere. I have seen many of these so find it
easy to suspend disbelief. There will always be reasons
not to believe in something and of course many die for
what they believe in, ie. that allopathic medicine is the
only route to go in one's quest to find and maintain health.

People are going to die. All of us will. I do not mind the
idea of death, but I do embrace the idea of hanging onto
the quality of life and balance and also in enabling others
to find their way through all these modalities and treatments.
There will always be those who would seek to obscure or
adulterate a good thing to take advantage of others but as
it has always been this way, according to man's nature,
I personally do not feel that the answer is to try to
control every little idea or modality. If someone did not
break the rules, perhaps we would all still be living in

I do understand your passion and desire to save people,
to make things easier and yet you live in a culture where
you cannot control enough of the information to always make a
difference. Curezone is a special place in that we are able
to share and compare what works for us. I cannot prove that
what I did to cure my own cancer can work for others but it
did work for me and others can find inspiration in that.

Your immune system and mine and each of us, is very unique
and so what you have to offer is a light in the dark for
those looking for *ways* to try. There are many ways to
regain balance and health and so while you have found in
Gerson a great systematic *way*, I do not personally feel
it is the Holy Grail for everyone.

I would rather give hope and encourage others to keep looking
if one way does not work, to keep working with their body and
their immune system to jump start their own healing. All healing
is self-healing and the best doctors and medicines can not help
if someone wants to die. Likewise, if someone wants to heal, a
simple thought or word can often turn the tide and facilitate healing.

If you have been healed and feel you have found a way,
share that. Forget trying to prove it or feeling you have
to latch onto a provable method or be less the man for
believing and being healed by a way which you cannot
explain. Many of our biggest beliefs are steeped in
ways we cannot specifically prove but for the outcome
they produce. Science is stumped every day...ggg. I do
not have to know how something works to believe in it and
perhaps that is one of my advantages...

My friend, whose home I care for, is an energetic healer.
She has a 75% cure rate, and has spent most of her life
doing this work. Doctors have stood beside her and have
seen tumors fall from someone's body and yet cannot explain
how it is done. Test results verify her healing work and
yet, she attributes it to divine intervention and certainly
that would be difficult for many to accept or believe, yet
those who do, find their healing in that of many
available out in the big wide world.

Humans are very complex and in many cases, multi-dimensional.
It is not always easy to discern what part of the body or
psyche is (dis)eased and so your focusing on one aspect of
healing to the exclusion of others feels restrictive. Very
often, the mind is not given the credit it deserves. WE are
the healers. What we do to support ourselves or ways we
choose which say YES to us are just as important as the ways
which are equally effective in allowing ourselves to deteriorate
because we have made choices which bring us into imbalance.

Sometimes, I meditate on *mind* and how I might still keep
my health and help others facilitate health if we did have
nothing to work with but our mind. I am convinced I would
still be a good healer as long as I could convince others
they could use their minds to heal themselves.

In your effort to help facilitate healing, try considering
Gerson as a tool, and just as you might show a guy your
tool box and explain the different kinds of wrenches and
hammers and ways to use different tools, explain how hitting
everything with a hammer is not the only way to go. Decide
that lack of proof of your own healing does not diminish the
greatness of it. Share and care and those who are ready will
come to you for inspiration. Encourage them and yourself to
think outside of their box. Healing so often does exist outside
of our *comfort zone* and healers act as navigators sometimes,
and other times, to lay the foundation of a totally new way of
looking at and living life.

I am happy for you, too, that you found your healing in a way
which defies that and find your lesson there.



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