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Re: Natural is Better
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Natural is Better

Quick background on mother in law was cured of Stage IV metastatic Liver Cancer back in the 70's by attending the underground clinics of Dr. William Donald Kelley (who also utilizied Coffee Enemas). She also worked for Dr. Kelley and studied for awhile with Gerson's daughter, Charlotte.

So, I'm blessed to be a bit more familiar with both Gerson/Kelley protocols than the average CZer :) And I've been doing CE's for years :)

Strange, I've never heard of CE's detoxing organs other than the liver. The coffee enters the hepatic portals in the sigmoid area of the colon and are taken directly to the liver, where they enhance bile production (hence cleansing the liver of debris in order to gain maximum efficiency of the liver), and the presence of the chemicals in the coffee somehow cause the liver to be able to cleanse the blood more effectively for the time the enema solution is retained...'tis theorized the liver during that time can actually cleanses the blood of free radicals.

How in the world a fluid retained ONLY in the colon with it's only outlet being the liver...could have a detoxification effect on organs it doesn't come into contact with most CERTAINLY calls for more information. My initial reaction to this statement... >>>Coffee, the elements in it, cause organs to open up and
dump massive amounts of toxins from themselves. <<< "not true'. Coffee causes the liver to create bile, which cleanses the liver of toxins. But COFFEE does NOT cleanse the liver. And how a coffee enemas could cleanse organs that it cannot even touch or get to is totally beyond me.

The blood Sugar levels DO NOT FLUCUATE because the food has been squished...silly. Blood Sugar levels do not fluctuate any more during juicing that normal's the Sugar in the foods or the juice that cause the fluctuation, NOT the fact that the food has been squished into juice. One can easily control blood sugar flucuations with juicing just as easily as they can normal eating.

>>Our bodies are used to slow and even digesting with no extremes.<< Again, I respectfully disagree...and I add, a slow digestive process (and food that cause the same) is one of the possible reasons for the body becoming dis-eased in the first place. The main purpose of juice fasting is to free up the vast amount of energy the body uses in the process of digestion. For example, the liver controls exactly how much blood is 'given' to every organ/system in the body 24 hours a day. In the process of digestion, almost 70% of the body's resources/energy is diverted to the digestive tract (for the energy sapping process of breaking food down to small enough pieces to utilizing, squeezing it down through all the organs, adding bile, pancreatic enzymes, detoxing from the same, and elimination of the same). Around 65-70% of the blood is diverted to the organs of digestion. That process can take up to FOUR HOURS per meal. With juice fasting, the digestive process is accomplished in 15-30 minutes...and that 65-75 of the body's energy can then be utilized by the body to heal 'whatever needs healing'.

The body may be "used" to a slow, energy-sapping process, but that does NOT assist healing. Ever feel sluggish after eating? There's a good reason why. Ever feel sluggish after a fresh glass of fresh veggie/fruit juice? It's virtually impossible.

I won't have any more time to reply this even, I'm way over my "CZ limit" for the day, and I still have another post to respond to in another forum.

Here's to your health (and ALL of our learning :)


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