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It's True! And Take It One Step Further
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Published: 16 years ago
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It's True! And Take It One Step Further

I just wanted to back up what they say. I've been using a Regency II Ionized Water filter for 3 years now. You will see a great change in your health when you use one.

It didn't help with allergies for us. Spraying my face with H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) wipes that out though, and using ozone does too.

It does work like they say though. You can take a ph strip and test your regular water, (I think mine was 5 or 6, well water) the filtered water, and the water being dumped down the drain, (About 3) and see for yourself there is a vast difference. The filtered water coming out to drink is about 11. That's the highest setting on mine.

Have you guys read that all the drugs people are taking are starting to show up in regular water too now. That's sick!

It has slowed down the aging process too.

I learned about three years ago not to drink distilled water too, because has no minerals & it takes out the minerals in your body, (I forget which ones) but you have to take supplements to replace them.

The water is supposed to turn your lymph fluid from sludge to a smooth liquid again. I think it does but who can say for sure. I don't go to doctors.

It's true about the being less hungry too. And having more energy. I sleep better too.

I've never tried the skin applications he was talking about. Now I will and see what happens.

What they said about peeing less is true too. The body seems to absorb and retain it more. The body seems to want to get rid of tap water when you drink it because it's not healthy, so you pee more. I really love the water. You'd have to kill me to take it away from me.

It does have more oxygen in the water too. I'm into ozone heavily, so I know oxygen.

I think the "ALKALIZER" is pretty high priced though. I don't see it doing anything more than the RegencyII does. Mine cost me $795 a few years ago, but they're about $600 now I think. I've had mine for three years and have had no problems at all.

You will see a difference though. So much so you will NEVER drink tap water again. I thought everybody knew about these things already.

Now if you want to take it even one step higher. Ozonate it with medical grade ozone. You will see an even greater state of health. (I don't sell any of this stuff by the way) Check this out if you have any doubts about ozone's ability to cure.
If you want to learn more about ozone go to
I wrote the article. And then if you have any more questions about ozone check out this info.

You have to buy a ozone generator to get ozone. Ozone changes into oxygen again in about an hour so you can't buy it commercially.
You can learn more about ozone at this ozone forum at

You can also read a couple of books written by Dr. Pressman at

That site:
has lots of info on ozone too.
The story about my wife is at that site too at

Dr. Pressman has a forum where you can ask him questions after you join, at

You can also buy this great book by Ed McCabe at

A place you can buy less expensive generators is at
(A few hundred dollars)
The best generators are at

Anyway if you truly want to see a great difference in your health, get a ozone generator, and a Ionized Water filter. Those two things have done the greatest things for my health out of all the other things combined. Which have been MANY. Ozonated Ionized Water is the nectar of God in my opinion.

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