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Re: Australian's with Morgellons
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Australian's with Morgellons

Hi Anna,

I think I spoke too soon...I've been getting bitten for the last two days again... dohhhh! and have been collecting lots of little 'spiders' or small 'crablike' critters that run across my skin..I've noticed that these things actually fly as well or are suspended by a thin cobweb? I don't know... they are SO small.

I am back to no sleep again....these things literally dive back into your pores and then emerge agian and run to the next site and pop in again! That's what those stings are I reckon. Also those small 'whtie blob' things sting like hell! I spent all day yesterday looking down my microscope again! Those back dots are not animal at all....

If I didn't know better I would say they are a fungus or bacteria ....possible with an electric charge?...I don't know ..I'm no scientist. All I know is that the give out what I would describe as a sting and electric type shock when they 'land?' on you... I wonder if I am just having a massive alergic reaction to them when they land? .How could something SOOOOOOO small and inanimate deliver such a powerful sting?? Under the microscope they are smooth surfaced with no 'claw' or 'sting proboscus'...????? How does this work????

I agree with you that there are many different kinds of 'body bugs' and 'bacteria' type things involved in this affliction...

I read about your water therapy...bought some Colloidal Silver today as you were having some luck with it (bought it from a health shop - hope it works) and bought more 'olive leaf extract' as I felt that was what was keeping it at bay for me.

I'me definately now where near as bad as I used to be and have not expelled lots of those filiament, granuals, bugs or 'moaggot' type things... but I am 'firing off' all the time again when those things lite on me. I am quite hardy and can put up with quite a lot of pain but these things really affect is the lightest of a touch but really send out an 'electrial type' charge.

I was wondering if those 'granuals' were actually the eggs of the tiny 'crab/spider' critters that run across my body? I got something like 'fairyfloss'out of my skin the other day (from a raised 'pimple' type thing.)

All in all, I know I was nowhere near as bad as you...the most annoying thing was the insomnia ... but I think we are both much better than we have been.

For the last 53 day I have been bleeding non stop (admitted to hospital emergency twice) much clotting etc...this was on top of this affliction . I considered morgellons more debilitating and frightening. I am scheduled to have a mirina put in on the 5th of next month (don't really want it - but may need it if I don't stop bleeding)...I had a growth removed about 5 months ago - they recommended a hysterectomy but I shut my mind out to it. I will try and heal myself and get better on all fronts. I'm really am quite exhausted on all fronts. I didn't get home from school until after dark today...whoooo..I really thought I had beaten it worries...I'ts not going to beat me...I've got my Colloidal Silver npw - so I'll give that a go and let you know how I go....

Keep getting better Anne - I keep sending you good thoughts as I know these indeed have a great effect...keep my in you thoughts too...

Ride free my happy friend



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