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Re: Australian's with Morgellons

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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Australian's with Morgellons

......It's 3.25am in the morning and I am still awake (as usual!) (I have an 8am - 4pm job - full time. I have been 'tormented' with the 'electric' landings of those small 'blobs'. I have scores of them under sticky tape once again and the table is set with the microscope. They really are innocuous a blob...but with long 'tentacles' that either 'retract' back into the 'blob' or become very much aligned with it when I collect them. I got my microscope out again the other day and have taken quite amazing photos of the stuff I have collected. They range from 'tiny starfish/spider' things to 'blobs' to 'mold spores?' that have 'tentacles' branching out everywhere to 'legs' of insects.....they are all so small.

I did an interesting thing earlier this evening..I could really feel this stuff 'kick in' around 9.00pm so I waved sticky tape through the air and looked at it under the microscope taking care not to touch any part of was teeming with the same stuff these 'blobs that sting' are made of if they are the wonder there is no escaping this nightly onslaught!...My house is very clean (hardly any furniture and no carpet..except in the bedroom) - yet as soon as I open my door in the evening after work...I 'feel' them in the air...I do not feel them when I visit different family members homes...and have some respite...even though they are all through my body and have their own cycle...I have tried everything to clean the air of my house....I have loads of fresh air circulating....I truly believe I may be the generating factor for the air being so highly 'contaminated' with these things as I find the area around where I 'sleep(?!)/rest of an evening filled with these 'blobs' in the morning.... I often try and get some respite by laying on the polished floor....I am amazed by the number of white 'blob/seed' things I find in the morning that my body is obviously expelling during the 'nightly' onslaught....

I continue to have no lesions or eruptions (am not expelling filaments or fibers - ....however body in constantly expelling these 'tiny white blobs - granules and am tormented constantly resulting in no sleep whatsoever which after months is really impacting on my health as I work full time. Continuing to use neem soap, rubbing alcohol, topical tea tree oil, Colloidal Silver (not home made - commercial brand), lime juice cordial which I tend to crave, vicks vapor nasal stick is a must when they are strongly in the air and getting up my nose and into my lungs, I spray the air with tea tree oil and water mixture hoping that the light droplets will bond with these 'spores' and weigh them down enough to at least make them fall to the floor rather than constantly breathing them seems to give me some relief.

I have had a compromised immune system in the past...namely by Dengue fever (mosquito born virus) - which literally almost killed me at the time I feel. Since then I have been a soft target for any virus infection that seems to be 'in season'...Many of you may be able to relate to the 'constant rubbing of limbs - arms, face legs, shoulders, looks as if you have a compulsive disorder...but it is really that these 'things' are 'firing off on your skin' all the time...

I did have some respite from this 'affliction' for a few days (about a week ago) and felt WONDERFUL....but now it is back...I can't put anything cotton on my body as the intensity and frequency of the 'stings' seem to intensify....It's getting cooler now and I would love to put something warm on my skin...I can only manage to have a 'satin' type material short nitie on as it does not seem to 'house' whatever it is...(to try and get warm I have to take nightly and early morning showers and fling a hot water bottle around....

It is now 3.45am and I am up still....still firing off all the heart goes out to everyone who is plagued by this affliction and are no doubt also suffering in silence as it is not a 'disease' that you can talk about...I am thinking of all the others in various countries who too are deprived sleep and the 'comfort' of their own skins....I am no where near as badly afflicted as I have been in the past where I was expelling maggots, flies, 'spider/starfish' type 'crawlies' (very small), filaments and numerous coloured fibers....that all seems to have is now just these granules and things 'liting' on my skin that results in insomnia that I am contending with....

Please excuse my ramblings...but I thought I would record what I am going through at this stage with my battle with this seems to change at times...but this is what I am going though at this moment in time....was wondering if anyone else is having the same experience at the moment....(I am now into my 17th month with this affliction).

(In the writing of this I have made numerous trips to the microscope with the ever increasing collection of these 'white blobs' seed typ could something so small wreak such havoc?!......)


Sweet dreams to all those who manage sleep and my healing thoughts to all fellow insomniacs battling this affliction....


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