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Re: Australian's with Morgellons
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Australian's with Morgellons

Hi Anna,

Hope the smoke has cleared a bit for you and the air is clean. What's happening with the hurricane? Your climate sounds very much like our summer weather here in North Queensland.

I laughed about your 'egg-cracking' incident! I know how you must have felt. With this condition that continually morphs you would have wondered, "What on earth is happening to me NOW?!!"...Zen master say: "Lesson here:- check seat before sitting down next time"...(Heheheh!)

I ventured out today and did a bulk loan from the local library on "Explores" (topic we are looking at this term)...bought a nice pair of PJ's (washed them out in Borax before I wore them...hung them in the sunlight and noticed the top gave off lots of fibers when it was dry and I 'smacked' it....ehhhhhhh! I hate anything that gives off fibers! I try and keep to 300 plus thread count in cotton products (they don't tend to give off fiber particles) and 'shiny/satiny type materials even synthetic smooth materials are good as the 'bugs' can't drag fibers down if none are being released from what I am wearing. I am still finding those 'white cocoons' all over the floor - last night was 'active' again...massaging out lesser amounts of 'grit granules'. My floor is so clean the only things on it are these tiny white cocoon type things. (no black speck - touch wood!)

Have to go to school tomorrow....didn't do anything while I was off work (my laptop and school books stayed locked in the boot of the car.....I feel SO guilty...If you don't keep on top of it all, it builds up and is almost impossible to get done. Teaching is the fun part, it's the hours of planning/preparing/marking etc. that just eat up any spare time you have. I'd love to be able to work 'just for the love of it' and not be dependent on an income....(oh well....)

Thanks for the advice on the Tormentavena and other mentioned products...Vogel seems to have some good advice...I remember the success you had with the cabbage poultice..

Hair - short is sheik! My hair is no longer 'crisp and brittle' ...had to get it cut short too because so much had 'fallen out' and was 'fried - that is exactly what mine was like!...much better condition now..

Bed sheets - no black specks only 'cocoons'

Air at night seems to have 'grits' in it...they get in my eyes and when I rub them I get the tinnnnnnniest little 'grit' out so they must be 'floating in the air'...I think they must be in the crevices of the textured ceiling and drop at night...I'm thinking of getting the painter in to paint my ceiling...this would kill them and seal them up at least if they are there....We are dealing with a almost invisible opponent here....

It frustrates me to read that you are still expelling those damned black specks and grits and that you are still finding them in your sheets.. and experience they 'paper cuts'...I'm amazed that you manage to sleep as when I was experiencing the 'black specks' I was 'out of my mind'. I remember one of the worst nights was when I was staying at the University dorms while my bathroom was being renovated....those black dots were all over my sheets and I was hysterical on the mobile phone to my brother who wanted to come and take me to the hospital for psych. analysis! (Oh - what happy days!!!!ekkkkkk!!!)

How is the activity in your nose? Has that died off? I remember at the height of my affliction my nose was a mass of 'grits and black dots'...a distant memory now - I must have put at least a bottle of tea tree oil up each nostril...and bubbled lots of salty water up there...(touch wood it doesn't come back)

Anna have you got many active lesions now or is it just the grits and black dots?

While typing this I've drunk two large bottles of water...(thanks for the reminder)...good idea about the boiling water down the drain)...I still have them covered with the plugs since you told me. (Must get some black strap molasses - I went past the Health food shop today and knew there was something I wanted..dohhh!)

How are you taking the Iodine Anna? drops in water? many etc..

I'm boiling the jug at the moment to pour down the drain (it will be hotter than the water from the hot tap)...You amaze me at all the good ideas you come up with Anna! I've been pouring vinegar/bicarb/borax etc down them - I think the hot water is a really good idea...

I must admit I did not get into the aloe vera but I did get into the Vit C and salt...

Thank you for the candle and the sage!!! (I felt it...) (rub-rub) Anna's stone..

(Just poured the water down the drain and boiling again)....

Anyhow Anna, I'd better go tomorrow and it's 10.00pm... (I watched the movie "The Shipping News" today and quite enjoyed it....

Bye for now
Love Bunty

p.s. Look out for Henrietta's deposits!!!

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