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Re: Liver Flush virgin :)
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Liver Flush virgin :)

yes you are soooooooooooo right in so many least based on my own personal experience i couldn't agree more. i saw a naturopath for a whole year and my allergies actually wound up getting worse. so at the end of march this year i turned back to curezone and really started figuring things out for myself again. i used to post on the boards and read religiously two years ago when i first got sick but i got soooooooooo wrapped up in the candida boards and all the minor details of things that i got overwhelmed and discouraged from taking others advice. i started cutting more and more out of my diet based on all the people on there telling me what i should or shouldn't be eating and i actually wound up getting worse down the road. my diet used to be much less restricted than it is now. and my naturopath didn't help things. he is a big advocate of protein because he focuses on treating adrenals (which includes animal protein at each meal). well i wound up eating so much damn protein that i destroyed my digestion even further. i was eating chicken for breakfast lunch and dinner some days because it was practically all i could eat anymore!

i am not anti-protein but i realized that we do not need near as much meat in our diet, if much at all, and recently i have actually stayed away from protein all together except a few times here and there in the past couple of months. while trying to heal my digestion i have decided to stick to a semi-vegetarian diet and i eat raw as much as i can, and will embark on my third juice fast very soon. juice fasting is definitely something you should try if you haven't already. it has helped me tremendously! i just started cleansing and fasting two month's ago with the help of someone i met here on curezone and i have made more progress than i have in two years in just these two short months. i just started Iodine therapy two days ago in the hopes that i will start getting my period again. Iodine plays a huge role in thyroid and hormone production. my thyroid is shot. i tried Iodine for two weeks awhile back but was doing so many different things and trying new foods again all at the same time and it got to be too much. plus i was going on vacation and started feeling bad from all the new things so i had to stop until just recently.

i am said you used to not be able to eat any solid foods at did you get back on solids/raw diet? was this after liver flushing? how long have you been flushing and what in your opinion marked the biggest turn around in your health?

i finally realized the only way i will get better is through cleansing all elimination organs...bowels, kidneys, and liver and everything else should resolve itself. i used to treat symptoms rather than the body as a whole, until someone i met on here pointed this out to me. she told me that the body is a miraculous healing machine and i should not be treating symptom A B and C, rather i should be giving the body exactly what it needs to heal. juice fasting diverts the 70 percent of energy it takes your body to digest food to healing, and believe me it works! i am living proof of that. a two week juice fast completely started turning things around for me. i still have a loooong ways to go, i realize that, and i am by no means cured. my allergies are all still here...just less severe after the i am thinking Liver Flushing is my next step and i will see how it goes!


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