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Re: Liver Flush virgin :)
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Liver Flush virgin :)

yes i totally agree with your tangent...there is no right or wrong way to eat for ALL humans. every single one of us has to listen to our own body and follow what it is telling us. one thing is for sure, eating clean foods is something we should all be doing, but i am neither for nor against being a vegeterian or a meateater. for me, i know i will always eat meat, but i have decided cutting out meat until my digestion gets under control is best right now.

i just ordered humaworm myself but i have decided to go ahead with the flush this weekend and do the humaworm afterwards followed by another flush. any recommendations on Epsom Salt dosing. did you do the full dose suggested by HC?

as for juice actually wind up having more energy than you have ever had in your life once you get thru the first few days. my first fast (13 days) went really smooth and was surprisingly very easy for me. i had a harder time with the second one (10 days). this is the only thing i can honestly tell you that had a tremendous impact on my health so far because everything else i had tried was over a year ago (all for candida and Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome treatment) and i finally gave up because i was still feeling so lousy. so i wound up just eating the only things i could that didn't cause food reactions for about 6 months and took no supplements (which i am not a big fan of anyhow) until about two months ago. i came acrossed the oil pulling forum which somehow lead me to Iodine forum, and then to someone who really educated me on the basic fundamentals of healing. she got me to do the juice fast...and showed me Dr. Schulze 's products which i highly reccommend. they are all natural organic herbs and really work for bowel cleansing. i took p and b shakes for almost 6 months and they didn't get hardly any gunk or mucus out of me. Dr. Schulze 's formula #2 blew those p and b shakes right outta the water, no joke!

if you want to bowel cleanse, i highly reccommend his intestinal formula's #1 and #2. i have a very sluggish bowel and have to take #1 every night with dinner and i had to take two or three at night while i did the 5 day Bowel Cleanse which is formula #2. so formula 1 makes the bowels move, and number two scrapes all the gunk off. i did the 5 day while on a juice fast and saw all kinds of white mucus in stools. i ordered two more containers of it and plan on doing the cleanse the entire time i am on my next juice fast. i know i have a seriously clogged bowel, but right now i feel like i need to just do a flush and see how it goes. if it isn't that successful, maybe the next one will be after more cleansing. i will never know unless i just bite the bullet and try it.

here is the cheapest place to get schulze's formulas. trust me, they are very effective. i am not a huge advocate of supplements but these have been a life saver for me. especially formula 1 because i have a seriously slow moving bowel and digestion.

i had never given any thought to Dr. Schulze prior to meeting this woman who helped me. i had seen his name on CZ but never checked out his forum. he gives recipes to ALL of his natural organic formulas and supplements (he is an herbalist - no vitamins) and encourages you to make them yourself, not to buy them but i don't have time to make any of this stuff and don't mind purchasing.

i just can't recommend them enough if you have problems going to the bathroom. if you don't, you can just get formula #2 to do the Bowel Cleanse but this will seriously slow down your bowel and you may need something to help you go while you are cleansing so i still recommend purchasing formula 1 while doing a bowel cleanse.

here is some more info on IF #1 and #2.

and here is how you use it...


hope this info helps you for bowel cleansing.

as for no fat on day before liver flushing...does this include olive oil??

thanks so much for all of your help!

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