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Eating fish may lead to morgellons symptoms
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Published: 16 years ago
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Eating fish may lead to morgellons symptoms

I am a new person here.

I got morgellons from eating fish--in fact I became deathly ill within six hours of eating grouper
despite the fact it was cooked. I also had alot of vomiting which was fortunate as it got some of this stuff out. As well I also had a terrible migraine headache and diarrhea. Since I have
studied traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) I knew that this headache
was centered in my stomach and colon. I now know what they mean when
people say they were sick as a dog. As a result I saw a TCM
practitioner soon after this and my spleen was treated using TCM herbs. My tongue
at this time was bright red, a very serious symptom in TCM indicating
exposure to toxins.

When I first got morgellons symptoms it felt like a very bad case of flu.
My urine became dark and extremely clouded, swirling with fungal like swaths.
When treated by the TCM practitioner with herbs I saw alot of parastes in my stool. I have been using TCM herbs along with parasite cleanses ever since.

Skin symptoms were also quite severe, starting
with a round white hard lesion on one arm. There was alot of edema underneath the lesion.
Itching and more lesions ensued. Little brown burrowing bugs left colony like
trails underneath the skin.

I went to another TCM practitioner who was aware of some skin cancer
salves. The lesions did respond to this treatment.
There may be some component of cancer associated with this problem, as
the salve only works on skin/ parasites which are not normal to the body.

I am guessing this parasite, at least in some stages, finds it easier to reproduce in areas of poor
microcirculation such as the scalp or extremities. The salve eats out the bad skin
revealing a parasite which sort of looks like a
large worm. Again my guess is that the central parsite feeds the newly emerging smaller parasites in the skin.

I have read of fish being found dead with similar lesions. And since I ate fish right before getting ill
this leaves me with a lot of questions. Since it quickly became apparent to me on the internet there was no Western medical help which is very effective it left me to find my own answers too. I feel fortunate in that I had already studied alot about alternative health options. Help was available to me immediately as I already knew several TCM practitioners.

I have noticed many forms of the parasite, some of which I believe are the same parasite at different stages
and others which I feel may co-exist with the main parasite. I have seen the white fuzzy hooked things.
These seem to disappear after the salve is used in an area. I have seen the flying bugs
and something which looked like a tad pole at the beginning. Also the black specks. And
assorted twigs, green and blue fibers. Even once a small jelly fish like creature. Most I no longer have,
as treatment over time has lessened my symptoms. I think it is possible to fully recover.

Doesn't it sound like the x-files? No wonder we sound as if we
are making it up, but of course we are not.

It is possible that fish are being exposed to neurotoxins which may be in the parasites to which
they are exposed. It may be that when we eat fish or bathe in water (either salt or fresh) infested with
these organisms we may become ill. Neurotoxins might explain brain fog. I had a lot of numbness and burning pain in my lips at first which is now gone. There is still some in my feet but that too is nearly gone.

Personally I am convinced it is parasites, as my TCM practitioner found blue spots in my eyes and on my gums. These he pronounced were parasite eggs. Again this is nearly all gone with the use of herbs. Treating
this area specifically has made a real difference in how well I feel. I no longer have an off and on taste of fish in my mouth.

It is important to remember that parasites love dampness and that includes
dampness in the body. The spleen may not be working right in most who have this problem.
My experience tells me that the immature form of the parasite may be hiding in the blood
stream and the lymph system. I think that in some other form they may be also hiding in the
spleen, the liver, the kidneys, the large intestine and the lungs and possibly in the fluid around the heart.


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