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Is anyone curious?
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Published: 16 years ago
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Is anyone curious?

I wrote a similar message to this forum a while back but I don't think it ever got posted, probably due to my error... :< I have symptoms that appear to be exactly the same as morgellon's sufferers, but I have had no one look at it for the reasons we all know too well--if the doctor doesn't know what it is, you are considered crazy and sent away with another huge bill--waste of time, money and energy. I did go to the dermatologist and had a lesion removed that was on the corner of my mouth. At the time I suspected it could have been cancerous or something but it came back from the lab “unidentifiable”.

My first encounter with this is when I saw hundreds of fibers in my bath water after starting an herbal cleansing product that made me itch--it was alarming and was way too many fibers for it to be associated with my bathrobe or clothing--plus they all were the same color. This had never happened to me before so I got on the internet to see what normal flora looked like but could never get a definitive answer on that and stopped researching when I saw the morgellon's pictures--my symptoms were eerily similar to morgellons...which to be honest is so unbelievable that I can understand people's skepticism--and it makes me feel like I am living in the twilight zone--it is alarming that this is really happening.

A long story short, I have stopped the herbal formula but have since had a few lesions that just appear and disappear within a few days to a week. I just started taking olive leaf extract a while back and the itching has gotten better and my lesions have all but disappeared. I am also doing some other things like stepping up my immune boosting supplements and taking probiotics and H202 /salt water baths. Occasionally I will have a biting itch and will at times, take a piece of scotch tape to see if anything is there--these dark blue, pink and clear fibers on still on my skin, no matter what clothing I have on. Thinking this could be airborne, I have even put filters over the registers and there are no signs of these fibers. Even though my symptoms seem to be in the beginning phases of this mysterious disease, it has been a hard blow to me as I have been working diligently toward getting stronger and recovering from my diagnosis of Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone is as perplexed as I am that there hasn't been some sort of questionnaire done on the commonalities of morgellon's patients? I looked on the site, thinking they might have something there but they are only registering people now. For what, the slaughter? All kidding aside here, it is all fine and good to register as I know it is important to get strength in numbers, but what good is it going to do us right now? I am very curious as to if this vector, water or air born, from products that we are using or from certain brands of jeans or for that matter, even bed sheets that could have come from another country? I specifically say jeans, because when taking a microbiology course last year, there was a California lab mentioned that had experimented with the DNA of e-coli and essentially turned them into little manufacturers of ...guess what? Blue fibers! The article in our book stated that soon, we could be wearing jeans manufactured by genetically altered bacteria! I remember being fascinated by this at the time, but questioned how they essentially got the bacteria to stop the process. I have since read that the lab sold these fibers to textile manufacturing companies--and who knows, maybe these little manufacturers were never turned off and have the capability to continue manufacturing--this seems very plausible to me. This would also make sense as to why the CDC delayed their investigation. Can you imagine the implications here? Depending upon how widespread this technology was used, it could possibly cause a widespread panic--enough to maybe even stop the clothing industry in its tracks.

I thank God that some researchers are looking at the fiber structure to determine what type of material this is, but I think we also need to know more about why it is affecting some, but not others and why it seems to be spreading so rapidly right now. For example, I know that it started in 3 main states, California, Florida and Texas--but I live in did it spread here? I took a vacation last year to San Lucas California, so if I got exposed there, from what source? Another person...? Is the water contaminated? How can we work toward getting answers before this totally blows up into pandemic proportions? Does anyone know of researchers who have a questionnaire and who are asking questions? Maybe we could all band together somehow---I have a list of questions that I think might lead us to common denominators but I am sure others could contribute to this list. Maybe something would show up as being a suspect common vector [carrier], maybe not, but I think it is worth a try, as I think that we need to know the source as well as figure out remedies...for all we know, we are constantly being re-exposed, just like the pet food incident...I welcome any thoughts...

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