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Correcting "Hemochromatosis--Basis Chemistry Lesson"
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Published: 14 years ago

Correcting "Hemochromatosis--Basis Chemistry Lesson"

Oh Hell.  More garbage from ML to correct. 

and was not willing to take Personal Responsibility for the proper care of his own body and wanted to Blame
The original poster was not blaming ML, so much as informing him that it would be wise to tell people that the drink has a lot of iron in it and is contraindicated for people with a variety of conditions including hemochromatosis and liver disease.

here is a point of the Failure of those who Complain and do not understand even the Basics about Protein !
The problem is not protein but Iron content, those with Hemochromatosis cannot flush out iron from their systems as efficiently as the rest of us, they also absorb more Iron than normal.  

How is that for your basic chemistry lesson?

need to Learn to Alkalize their bodys to help them get some Oxygen to their Brains so that they may start being able to think correctly in order to make Correct choices in Life !

Here is more chemistry.  Alkalizing and oxygen to the brain have nothing to do with each other.  From where I stand ML has suffered a number of strokes and his thinking capacity is severely impaired, it would also explain the general hostility and aggressiveness toward people….  Celcius too.

 Tell tail signs of the problems, joints swelling and get inflamed and Heart problems, which all of these are just a problem of the body becomming too Acidic from the Poor Diet the person is choosing to eat

Or the real alternative is that these people do have hemochromatosis and that the elevated level of iron accumulates in various parts of their bodies causing the aforementioned symptoms.

"WHY" is it that so many people "ONLY" consider that Protein comes from just eating Meat

How is this for more chemistry lessons – a major source of Iron for people comes from Meat, this is why it was mentioned.  Berating the author for mentioning meat is just stupid, the author was correct in mentioning meat as the typical source of dietary Iron.  

For "ALL" Fruits and Vegetables and Grains and Peas and Beans, "ALL" contain Protein of some kind
More chemistry and nutrition lessons.   There are plenty of fruits and vegetable which contain little or virtually no protein.  This is one of the reasons why vegans must be diligent and exacting in their consumption as to make sure they get enough protein.

When "WE" eat any foods which contain "Incomplete Proteins"(NPN), this may Cause our bodys to become too Acidic !
NPN is not incomplete protein.  They are not any kind of protein; they are sources of nitrogen that are present as nitrates, nitrites and other nitrogenous compounds not including proteins.  There is no reason to believe that NPN cause acidity.

And guess what, most "ALL" Fruits and Vegetables which contain too much NPN, may also contain Elevated Levels of Iron, which is trying to Protect the plant from becomming too Acidic !

Nonsense.  There is no reason to suggest or even think that NPN is associated with Iron.  Given that ML tells us that NPN is caused by un-ripened foods then we must also believe that once vegetable and fruits ripen then they excrete their iron content.  Or maybe it is part of the magical alchemy that ML subscribes to, and the Iron is transmogrified into “alkaline minerals”

And if "YOU" do not believe that "YOU" are eating Junk foods, with NPN in them, then I would suggest "YOU" get yourself a Refractometer and Learn some Facts about the Sorry foods "YOU" may be eating !

A refractrometer cannot be used to measure nitrogen in the manner which Moreless describes.

For "ANY" Fruits or Vegetables, which are picked too Green may contain NPN in them !

Given the relatively low protein content in most fruits and vegetables even if this was true, which is not, it would not be a concern.



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