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--answer--Oxygen/pH Miracle
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Published: 14 years ago
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--answer--Oxygen/pH Miracle


Your question: It is interesting that we add epsom salts, calcium hydroxide,hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate to the baths and all are very important in the detox.
I have experienced the many benefits they provide. I also drink alkalising drink regularly with the ingridients listed above BUT H2O2 is not part of the drink.
I really think this is the missing link in the process but do not have the experience or guts to test it without having some knowledge about the dosage etc.
I was hoping someone with some advice would answer as this might be the key factor in the process.

Answer: As usual not everything may be as it may first seem to be !

Oxygen is very Important for the Health of the body !

But it is like everything else in that there are ratios needed to match with the Alkaline Minerals and Acids present in the foods !

And one may need to consider how the body Generates the Release of Electro-magnetic Energy and where this is generated in the body as one considers Oxygen !

When one uses Oxygen in the form as Peroxide on the skin as a spritz or bath soak, the Oxygen is able to react against the Excess Acids on this Great surface area and make Positive Results come about for the Rest of the "Internal" body parts !

And as we eat foods with enough Alkaline Minerals in them , these may Release their Electro-magnetic Energy in and from the Digestive system into the Rest of the body !

And a certain amount of Oxygen will be carried with the Alkaline Minerals as this process takes place !

"BUT" if too much Oxygen is taken into the Digestive system(in amounts above what the present Alkaline Minerals may hold) then this Extra Oxygen may "Prevent" proper Digestion to take place, as the same problem may be if not enough Oxygen is along with the foods, because they are Lacking in enough Alkaline Minerals !

There is a Fine line to be followed in the Digestion process, thus it is much safer to eat foods which already contain the needed Alkaline Minerals and or the addition of Alkaline Minerals, which have Oxygen bound in the Compounds with them already as is the case already with the Alkalizing Drink ingredients !

For then as these are Digested in the Digestive system, this Release of Electro-magnetic Energy may be sent immediately thru-out the Rest of the body and the Oxygen from the Lungs , which may be carried by the Blood, may "then" React with these reactions that occur when the Body uses this Electro-magnetic Energy and gives off Acids as an end Result, and then More Electro-magnetic Energy may be Released in these Different areas of the body as the Oxygen from the Blood Reacts against these!

As usual not everything may be as it may first seem to be !

I have Personally known of people who tried feeding Peroxide to their animals in the Hope that they would make them Healthy, and in the process did not understand how it may React in the Digestive system and thus have "KILLED" their animals !

If one wants to use Peroxide internally, then it may be advisable to "ONLY" use it as a mouth wash and then spit it out or to "JUST" make a Lite mist Spray of it in your mouth thru-out the day !

But, I do not advise the use of it Internally in the Digestive system because many people do not understand Moderation , let along what takes place in the body from the Digestive system to the rest of the Organs of the body !!

Some things are Best utilized externally or as a mouth wash or spritz !

Smile Tis your choice.


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