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Aha! Hawthorn berries! [Tip added.] [Update added.]

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Published: 14 years ago
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Aha! Hawthorn berries! [Tip added.] [Update added.]

To an outsider who doesn't have the ailment, urinary frequency can seem like an oddity...a quirk.

I mean, they should be able to 'get over it', do Kegels...wear diapers...or something, right?

But, to the sufferer, being awakened by a stab into your privates, and racing to the bathroom (hoping you'll make it in time), is downright every way imagineable.

Good Bye, Sleep!

Good Bye, Self-Confidence!

Good Bye, Social Life!

Good Bye, Youth!

And, worst of all, good-bye to the chance to heal, with rest!!!

No one knows, you one knows how you the interuption eats away at your energy reserves, makes you ill...and no one knows any practical answers...or cares.

I'll say it again...when I saw a television commercial that referred to 'the adult diaper aisle at your supermarket', I knew we were all in deep trouble.

You know what I suspect?

I suspect the problem is parasites!

Things changed somewhat when I did my first round of Humaworm. What a relief! I began to feel human again.

(Read all you can at the Ask Humaworm forum on CureZone, and check out )

Now I am overdue for my second round.

I have to tell you something embarrassing.

I may even come back and delete this, at any moment.

But, here goes...

...Last night, while on the computer in the wee small hours, I used a chamber pot.

(It's a beauty. I glazed it in lovely greens in ceramics class.)

No mincing my way upstairs to the bathroom! Four times, over two hours, I simply used the pot when I felt the slightest inclination...very relaxing.

Still, I gave myself the bathroom opportunity before climbing into bed at 1:00 a.m.

And, then, I was up, with great irritation, twice, before 7:30 a.m.

But, there is a big difference...I have spent years trying to 'hold it' a number of times each day. Allowing myself the opportunity to simply go, easily and conveniently (checking that no one can see me), is an amazing change.

[TIP: I think what I have changed is my EXPECTATION of what will be needed, and prepared in advance, so there will be no difficulty/tension/anxiety. Does that make sense? The arrangements I made certainly feel better, in any case.]

I will use this method as a tool to 'get back to normal' as I discover the root of this problem.

The fact that this problem is not usually talked about openly makes each of us feel very alone. Only those with something to sell want it said.

That's a block to discovering the cause/cure, I think...a tragedy for thousands...hundreds of thousands.

So, here goes old blabber-mouth Fledgling, embarrassing herself again.

It just makes me so darn mad to realize how many people are missing their sleep, and their day-time comfort...all because we aren't comparing notes and getting to the bottom of this like sensible adults should...and could.

Drhiii, thank you for mentioning the hawthorn berries. I've got some of that, and I'll try it.

I'll also keep reading and experimenting.

I know that the reduction of parasite 'pee', pure ammonia, in my body...during my first week of Humaworm...was significant to my relief.

Parasites, even microscopic ones, can be in any organ. Why not the bladder?


My best,


[UPDATE] Good job I like re-reading my own posts! I didn't try the hawthorne berries yet. I'll have to dig them out. (We moved, not long ago.)

However, I did find that a bowl of brown rice calms my urinary urgency wonderfully. (Probably because brown rice is one source of IP6.) I also learned I need some about every second day.

I can still add butter, and not lose the good effect...but that commercially-prepared foods aggravate the condition. Goodbye chocolate cupcakes, blueberry pie, and Chinese.


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