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Im a Believer!
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Published: 14 years ago

Im a Believer!

I woke from my sleep because I felt the obligation to share my experience (this far) in the hopes that it may help others. I DONT WANT TO GIVE FALSE HOPE BUT i believed that I am cured of HSV 1 & 2. It may be to early to tell but I felt I needed to chronicle what I did now as oppose to later because I know I will forget something that I did if I wait to post later (4-6 months). check back with me every few months. I'll keep you posted.

Here's my story,
I believed that something was wrong & went to the doctor who told me nothing was wrong based on the fact that I didnt have any blisters etc.) I didnt believe her as I know what is normal for my body (never trust a doctors opinion over what you believe. You know your body better than anyway. Also remember that medicine/science is all just hypothesis and best guesses based on experiences, ruling out possibilities and probablity)
You dont want to know the horror stories I went through just get to this point but, to make a very long story not so long I was correct. I was infected with HSV2--that was about 3 months ago. I was given a prescription for valtrex and wished good luck.

asically I didnt beleive that was just it! I literally dedicated every waking moment to finding something that worked and came across so many options (the number of choice to manage herpes--algae lysine clorphor, h balm etc--is overwhelming, but I was not trying to "manage" it.) I wanted it destroyed

To shorten the story even more let me just give you the steps I took. As you see I could write all day. I started using DMSO BOL Hydrogen peroxide (food grade from Garden of Eden), doing Ozone therapy, and eatiing organic. I also literally did nothing but rest during the two weeks of Ozone therapy. I did take olive leaf extract and a Mushroom supplement as a liver cleanser.To further oxygenate my body I only drank water with a high Ph (im not endorsing any water but I used Essentia ph9.5 and Evamor ph 9. I think Evamor is best. My ph test on both waters had Evamor PH higher than Essentia though Esstenia says its higher) and I stopped doing most of the things that would make my body acidic (soda Sugar splenda etc) basically my goal was to clear out the toxins in my body, raise my body's ph level (as it was about 5) and flood my body with oxygen by any means. I got my ph level above 7. I cant tell you exactly what worked as I beleive that you need to throw everything that works in conjunction/complements one another at it.

I do believe that you (and possible me still) are in the fight of your life when you get this virus and I treated it as such. Dont fear it but do let it have a positve anxiety effect on you to where you fully commit yourself to health. I must have drank about a gallon of water a day. I ate maybe once or twice small meals a day, not because it was part of my plan but because I was consumed with researching it on the net and truly had lost my appetite. I think eating less and eating organic may have helped with the liver cleanse portion and allowed my immune system to focus on the virus more instead of the toxins from the food put into the body.

I have read so many posting about cost. True. Everything is expensive. if you are fortunate enough to have the finances to get better--do so. Nothing was cheap and I may have spent a lot of money for nothing (time will tell). At least I tried it and will know, versus having to hear about someone else's story. The 1.5 liter of water are about $2 each. Anything organic is gonna cost an arm and leg and Ozone around 125-150 a day. Yeah Im in it for about $4000 but think about it, Valtrex is just as expensive. The pillls are basically $6.00 each. So two pills a day for a year----do the math. Many people have been on it for alot long than a year. Better yet, think of your quality of life and how the virus impacts it and your psyche. Now that's expensive

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