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Why Can't I find a Man ???
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Published: 15 years ago

Why Can't I find a Man ???

Hi my name is...I'm unemployed and live with my cat (well, kind of retired, I'm not looking for a job right now) Is it because I'm 45? Is it really age?

I still look and feel great. But since I turned 40 men are just not interested in me anymore, well, the ones I would be remotely interested in anyway. Do I have to seriously lower my standards even more than I have already?

I'm totally alone...I know I'm complaining, but I just don't know what to do.

I don't like going to functions alone because I feel even more lonely. All the friends I have met since moving to another state have all fell by the wayside, marriage, moved, etc. And I haven't had any success meeting friends at all either.

I have even more confidence now, I'm not shy, I'm not arrogant, I'm attractive, patient, I'm more kind, loving and smarter than when I was when I was younger. Before I was 40 I had many suiters, but now, nothing.

I am totally alone, no close family, no friends, no husband, no children, and now I know I'll never have children which makes me very sad.

I was in an abusive marriage for a few years, I couldn't date for years after that, then I met a wonderful man who died a few years ago, I've gone through much healing since that devestation. I'm finally ready to give myself to someone, but nobody seems to be interested in me.

I've done all the manifesting techniques to attract a mate, visualization, hypnosis, belief, faith. I have prayed endlessly, I have done all I know how to do for a good year now, all to no avail.

I've gone out to clubs/bars recently, nobody is interested. I used to go to clubs/bars and never once did I have to buy my own drink, now, forget about it. I started going to church, I even have difficulty making friends there too, they have there clicks or married or whatever. I've attended the singles classes, but it's 99% women! So now I only go occasionally.

I have made peace with being alone for years and was relatively happy, but enough is enough.

When I get sick, there is nobody to help me, it's frightening.

I'm terrified of dying alone. If I died right now, nobody would even notice for weeks probably.

Any comments, inputs, advice, or "I'm there too" would be appreciated. Please be kind, I'm very fragile right now.


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