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Parasites Cleanse
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Fast and Painless Constipation Relief
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Free Remineralizing Tooth Powder!
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Parasites Cleanse
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Fast and Painless Constipation Relief
Oxygen Bowel Cleanser

Free Remineralizing Tooth Powder!
Best Teeth Remineralization, Strengthening, and Clea...

Wrenn Views: 1,959
Published: 17 years ago


it was suggested that i post this where more newcommers
might have access to reading it.
so that is what i am doing.
hope you find something here that might help you
as you plot your journey to better health

Subject: Re: Need help please!
From: Wrenn | All Wrenn's Messages |
Date: 5/19/2004 5:04:00 AM ( 77 sec æ ago )

hi 90% of folks have parasites and / or are constantly being reinfested.
you can address this situation by many means/

using parasite treatment programs
or altering you food intake to comsume more antiparasitic spices/ herbs food and thus make your body less friendly to them.
most importantly , getting rid of old fecal matter and keeping digestive/ waste system clean, since they can only stay where they have a supportive environment to them.

i would suggest that you consider doing good detox liver flushes
also that you consider utilizing Colosan
(which oxidises old hard packed waste material and works on the entire waste colon/intestinal areas getting in any pockets and breaking done hard packed matter)
you can buy that for $ 25$ fro a 6 mth supply at just do search on products for Colosan.

a interesting note i have come across is that a average person carries 6-12 lbs of old fecal matter packed in bowels
John Wayne reportly had 40 lbs impacted waste at time of his death and Elvis supposedly 60.

this was taken off a colosan webpage btw i have no persoanl knowledge of it.
it is my understanding.. that if you are otherwise overall body shape fine except stomach area that is can be liver bulging with stones.. it is amazing how far stretched and enlarged a liver and gall bladder can get
and/ also incombo with that impacted fecal matter.
parasites no doubt live in such environments
when you cleanse out the liver stones and get your system clean
you will also get better clean blood going thru your system and will better intake nutrients off foods you eat rather than the toxic swill that is lining your intestinal digestive areas.

there are many ways to do Liver Flushes and all of them are effective. and very simple to do/ i myself do one seasonally
and in between continue with other forms of continually detoxing
by many means which most don't cost me a dime 8) or a veyr small $ food outage
for a list of foods herbs spices that parasites hate see list posted below.
drink lots of good water.
i myself use prill beads along with filtering my tap water
it is very simple to use prill beads and they cost between 11-20 $ for a one time purcahse
then you forever make your own 10 % alkaline water
that is super hydrating to your body;
plus helps you maintain a more alkaline state.

there is a alkaline /acidic food forum that can give you good reads in what foods will best support an alkaline body to utilise as you consider you foods intake.
i got my prill beads at
just search prillbeads. or do an internet search for prill beads.

i personally like the Liver Flush version that Andreas lists in his book that you can get for 6$ download on your computer or get in paperback (the Amazing Liver Flush by Andreas Moritz .)
he has a really nice oo/juice alternative that is almost tasty!
and his books are packed full of additional health tips all of which i have found to further my knowledge and have been beneficial to me.
he has a forum here .. see Ask Andreas.

drink lots of good water, get good sun in small amts each day
(no sunblock )
check out this web if you eat dairy/ soemthings to be aware of in your food choices.
also fish has extremely high dioxin cts 274 per4 oz vs 18 per4 oz of poultry
dioxin is an ultra bad toxin and worse has a half life which relates like this
say you have 100 grams dioxin in your system..
it takes your body 7 years to filter out 50 of that !!
can you imagine ? if you are repetiously building more on that?

also soy is a completely toxic food group /which unfortunely many use as an alternative protein source.
check your oils make sure you NEVER use canolo or soy derived oils/
best bets peanut oil/olive oil/sesame cold pressed oil/sunflower or safflower, or flax sees or virgin coconut oil.

geez i am giving you far more than you asked sorry lol (early in the morning i am blatter mouthed.
and as you are probably aware... NO teflon or nylon in cookware/
cooking utensils.
unrefined Sea Salt / (table salt hinders kidneys ability to filter properly, but unrefined Sea Salt actualy helps and is beneficial keeping its 92 minerals)
room temperature water is best or bring down chill off drinks by adding room temp water.
cold drinks and foods are hard on your kidneys and liver.

hope any of that gives you a good starter ground as you consider the paths you might take.

also check out rebounding and dry skin brushing both so simple yet help detox you for a very minor $ output
(you can get mini tramp at walmart for 20 $ and a natural bristle brush for about 5-7 $ (see dry skin brushing techniques and rebounding on lymph cleansing forum and dry skin brushing forum/ read in the description click for technique tips)

well i better hush and go do something , don't you think ? *smile*
i am sure youare thinking oh my..
i got a novel from one little question lol
sorry you just caught tme at a spare time slot.

have a great Spring Day
Ami Joi Benton


Subject: short ps/
From: Wrenn | All Wrenn's Messages |
Date: 5/19/2004 5:54:00 AM ( 60 sec æ ago )

gas bloating help...
CHEW! and no drinking while eating.

i used to get hiccups alot when i ate and Lapis suggested that i make sure
not drinking except minor sips if needed for moisture..
the reason? fluid intake dilutes the digestive juices that break down the food. and hinders the process.
slow chewing stimulates the saliva glands to release enzymes and begin the process from the mouth/
plus also chewing breaks down foods better / for the stomach to do its job more efficiently.

also following Andreas advice on this subject,
when i started eating heaviest meal between 12 -1 noon
at time when the Agni rate is highest to use body energy for food digestion has been a great help.

i used to get sleepy and sluggish after eating and now i never do.
also don't eat within 3 -4 hours before bedtime so no foods left undigested and fermenting
at a time when liver and kidneys do best filtering work.
i make sure and add oil to starchy foods to help breakdown also/
like a bit of olive oil drizzled on potato
or coconut oil on sweetpotatoes/ i use coconut oil as a butter sub/ or baste tst lightly with olive oil and add garlic..
or better yet dillweed *)
or coconut oil with cinnamin and nutmeg

also eat in relaxed setting at relaxed pace.
i make sure even that if i am sitting near tv/ that i have on something funny or light natured /not loud blaring stressful stuff.
if i feel stressed i leave room and eat in private / so i maintain a calm environment while eating. don't think about work or stuff you need to do either..
just enjoy your meal
i sit and relax for 20 minutes after eatiing to allow a decent digestive time then go back to daily stuff .

since i made just those very easy to implement changes i have stopped hiccuping.
i rarely answer phone when eating.
the world will still be there when i am done.
if i do start hiccuping or feel gassy i ca nalmost always retrace it back that i have been breaking one of those routines 8)
just my personal experience.
also if feeling bloated gassy.. move around more..
even just walk around house/ do light bending over pickups and body stretches etc
will help keep gas moving out.
if you sit in one place too long it can interfere with body circulation functions/
off to do my chores
have a great day *8)
Ami Joi Benton


R Subject: Anti-parasitic foods/ herbs/spices some helps.
From: Wrenn | All Wrenn's Messages |
Date: 5/17/2004 7:02:00 AM ( 2 days ago ) R (Message recommended by moderator)


Black Walnut/Juglans Nigra
Wormwood/ Artemisia absinthiu
Garlic/Allium sativum
Raw pumpkin seeds/ Nan gua zi
Virgin coconut e oil
Oil of Oregano
Tea: mugwort/ Artemisia vulgaris
chew uncooked brown rice
Quisqualis, fruit: round worms: 6-12 grams internally
Chinaberry bark/melia/chinatree: internal and externally
Torreya/Taxaceae: seed, 6-12 grams: internally
Alumen/Ming Fan: 1-3 grams internally
Cnidium/She Chuang Zi: seed: 6-12 grams externally
Camphor/Zhang Nao: dose .05-.15 grams internally
Tulip Bulb/Shan Ci Gu: 3-9 grams: topically
Sulfer Flower/ Liu Huang: 1-3 grams, internally
Thyme/Thymus vulgaris
AloVera gel
Colloidal Silver
Green ripe olive juice: bitter juice of unripe olives
Pomegranate juice: juice entire fruit; do not peel; strain afterwards
Wormseed/Chenoppdium amrosioidies
Male fern leaf


ps/ i get my oil of oregano at 85% carvocal from

i get my best herbs from

blue vervain, /do not take if pg o r ahve heart disease
elecampane /do not take if pg
black currant/root/bark
feverfew/ do not take if using blood thinner medications
hops/ do not take if pg or chronic depressive
pipsissewa (princes' pine)
cinnamin and cassia/chinese cinnamin
calendula /do not take if allegic to ragweed
sweet potatoes /raw is best
raw carrots
raw sweet potaoes
caroway seeds
black pepper

also submitted by Ali


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