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Parasite questions from a newbie
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Published: 14 years ago

Parasite questions from a newbie

I'm brand new here and have a few questions about parasites. Here's my situation.

I have 4 dogs, and my husband loves to have them sleep in the bed with us. Had 2 cats for awhile too. Husband runs around barefooted half the time, and has stepped in feces a few times. I never really thought too much about that when he told me about it though.

Anyway, so I'm learning about parasites now, and now I have them, and want them GONE!

Back in January, I started taking Chlorophyll, for better health and detoxing, on the recommendation of a friend. At first, everything was Ok, but then I started getting a severe rash on my right arm-it itched uncontrollably, and the rash looked so bad that my managers at work would not let me work. Went to a dermatologist, as well as my regular doctor. Both said dermatitis, and gave me creams, which did nothing at all. The rashes werevery deep and pus filled and sort of looked like exzema or hives, and they itched uncontrollably. It got so bad on my arm that I went to the emergency room, and they said it could be staph infection. Gave me Antibiotics , and more creams, which did nothing. I finally connected the Chlorophyll with it, and stopped taking it. Rash immedietely went away!

Fast forward now. I've always been severely constipated, and have always had bad gas. Well, over the last few months, the gas has gotten MUCH worse, and the smell is very bad. In addition, my stools have what looks like light colored fat deposits all in it. I assume this is mucous? The smell is VERY bad! I now have bouts of bad diarrea instead of the constipation I've had my whole life.

I have a lot of health conditions, and a very low immune system.

I itch all over. My anus, my ears, my nose, and I have crawly feelings all over my body all the time.

I have a bad pain in that same right side, on my temple. Not a pounding, but a heavy pressure in my head-very uncomfortable, at times very painful. It extends into my neck, shoulder, and stomach/pelvic/hip. I've assumed this was Fibromyalgia, which I have been diagnosed with.

I had a colonoscopy done last week-I was hoping to find out what is causing the severe gas and horrid smelling stools. I thought it may be Celiac maybe, but Doctor found nothing at all wrong.

Ok, months ago, when I stopped taking the Chlorophyll, another friend recommended replacing it with Bentonite and Psyllium Husks. I have been using this every morning and night for several months now.

Now, over the last few weeks, I've noticed a lot of strange things in my stools, but I still did not connect it with parasites-I thought it was stuff I was eating!!

I've noticed little black things a couple of times. I've noticed a large black thing that looked like something with wings! I noticed a couple of red things a time or two also.

I still thought this was stuff I was eating!

Also, I have unbelievable fatigue. I don't sleep very well, but I'm so very tired, that I am having a hard time going to work, or even getting out of bed. I still did not connect this with parasites!

So I had the colonosocopy done last week, and had to drink that prep stuff that works like a laxative. I went a LOT, but it did not stop. For over a week now, up until yesterday, I had pretty bad diarrea all the time! Extreme fatigue, and so spaced out that I am having trouble remembering my name almost! Today though, I'm back to being constipated.

Last night I freaked out-I used the bathroom and looked at the toilet paper, and there was a long white worm on it!!! OMG!

So I knew that was a parasite, and I started googling it. Looks like the pics I saw of a a spaghetti noodle!!

I started reading about parasites, and how to get rid of them, etc. I have been taking that Bentonite and Psyllium twice a day for months now....could this have caused them to come out now? Am I getting them out, or was I just now infected? I read that Bentonite helps get rid of parasites, but I had been taking it as a detox to get rid of toxins.

If in fact I am having die-off symptoms (Severe fatigue, muscle pains, complete spaciness/brain fog), how long does this last? I had read somewhere that you should take your parasite detox until you don't see anything else in your stool....I've been taking it for months and months now, still feel like things are crawling all under my skin, still have bad muscle pains, still am incredibly tired, have bouts of very foul smelling diarrea, alternating with constipation, even though I'm taking a good amount of Psyllium, drinking lots of water, eating lots of fruits.

How much longer will the die off last?

How long will it take to get all of these parasites out of me?

Should I avoid sex? I have not told my husband about this, and I have been way too tired to have sex anyway, but he has been wanting too....I've been avoiding him! He occasionally enjoys anal sex too....wouldn't that automatically infect him? What about regular sex? What about our pets? I have not noticed worms in their stools, but they are good about going outside, and very seldom go in the house, so I would not have noticed. Do I need to worm them? Can I still pet them, since I'm detoxing?

Today I bought a lot of pumpkin seeds, and a parasite cleanse that contains Black-Walnut , Wormwood , and Cloves. I had heard that was the best. Also, I started back taking Grapefruit Seed Extract that I had in my cabinet for candida. I'm still doing the Bentonite (obviously that stuff works, since I've expelled so much stuff without knowing what it was-well, until I saw that big white worm last night!) I eat raw organic garlic cloves twice a day, and have been doing this for over a year now.

The extreme fatigue is really causing a problem, the brain fog is severe, and this itching/crawling feeling is pretty bad. I have ringing in my ears, loss of balance, one sided headache, and a lot of edema, especially in my right ankle. These symptoms seem to be getting worse, not better, but at the same time, I still have the bad gas, smelly loose stools, fatigue, spaciness, etc.

One more thing. The rash I had months ago? I have scars from it, and I was wondering if this could have been parasite invasion, where all my problems started maybe? There is nothing there but scars now, but I have noticed a round circle under the skin almost-like ringworm. No itching though-it's like it's under the skin.

So how long does the die off (if that's what it is?) last? Do I need to keep detoxing until I have normal looking stools, with no mucous or parasites, or is there a time where you just stop? It's been MONTHS since I've been doing the Bentonite. What about the itching ears/nose/eyes/anus-how long will this last? What about sex with my husband? Does he need to be treated? If so, how on earth do I tell him? What about our pets? Do they need to be treated too? Oh, and how many pumpkin seeds am I supposed to eat, for prevention? They're yucky. lol

Thanks, and sorry this was so long!

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