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Re: Why Can't I find a Man ???
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Why Can't I find a Man ???

Hi Amberlynn,

Sorry it has taken me a while to respond to your post.

In answer to your question, I have found it to go both ways, either when I am approached it turns out bad, or if I approach them, it mostly has not worked out.

I believe it is because I have not listened to my instincts/intuition. BUT, I am really paying attention to my intuition for a while now, it is serving me well. I should have "listened" to that little voice my while life instead of ignoring it or considering the "bad feeling" as just fear, when in fact is was not, it was a warning.

A thought came to me about why we attract undesireables, or no one at all.

Maybe it is because something someone said to us negatively that we believed, and that is what is playing over and over in our subconsious.

For instance, I think MAYBE this is the reason I am alone, and really have been my whole life, well, up until my sister (who is 1 year older than me) said to me when I was around 7 years old "Nobody likes you, nobody wants to be around you or be your friend" I believed this, because she was my older sister, and I believed she knew better than me. Sure enough all my little kid friends started dwindling down to 0. I WAS PUSHING THEM AWAY, believing nobody liked me, and I wasn't worthy.

So I think that I have been playing out her words my whole life "believing what she said" when in fact she only said that because of her terrible jealousy of me, the youngest kid, and was just being cruel to me, it was right after that that I found my self being more and more of a loner, I always just thought "nobody liked me".

Do you recall anybody saying anything like that (negative) to you when you were young or even when you found when this "problem" started? Maybe it is time to change that script in our head and believe the truth, which is "we are likeable and loveable, and people DO like us!! Maybe it is ourselves we don't like, we must learn to really like ourself.

But how...I have done hypnosis for confidence, self esteem, etc. and many other modalities for self improvement, and things are still the same in my life. We attract what we belive, this IS true. If I say, I am wonderful and likeable in the mirror, you know what, I just don't believe it down deep and feel very uncomfortable saying positive things to myself. least I have figured out WHERE my beliefs came from, because I do remember vividly my sister saying that to me (and other horrible things that I believed) and ever since I have been living out her lies to me.

There must be a way to change the script, but I just don't know how or what else I can do that I haven't done already.

Whenever I hear children saying bad things to each other, a strong anger and sadness erupts within me. Especially when the parent is present and doesn't do or say anything.

Stick and stones can break your bones, AND words CAN and DO hurt you!

Words are powerful, words are things.


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